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Do you have any special soft drink recipe that you'd like to share?

Asked by AstroChuck (37439points) July 13th, 2010 from iPhone

Example: This is one of my favorites. I like to fill a glass with ice then add two parts Mountain Dew and one part orange juice.  It’s damn good. I know that hot Dr. Pepper in a mug with lemon used to be popular with some people. (Although I haven’t heard about people who still drink this.)
What strange mix or style of soft drink do you enjoy? I’m looking to try pretty much anything.

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dont drink soda any more, but i would have to say Dr. Pepper is good with anything. i use it for gas now when l’m outta gas for the truck. A&W root beer is the best. i’d drink that before anything else.

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Seltzer and lemonade.

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No…I don’t…I’m not much of a cook…;)

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Diet Coke or Tab with coffee ice cream makes a damn fine ice cream soda.

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I like to make soda using stevia, an herb which is 400 times sweeter than sugar, contains no calories, and has no side effects. I grow it in my kitchen herb garden. (It was banned in the US by the FDA under pressure from Monsant – the makers of aspartame – until the FDA was forced to grudgingly admit, 12 years later, that they had broken their own rules and were forced to remove the ban… but applied a rule forbidding anyone selling stevia to use the word “sweet.” No kidding.)

My recipe for stevia soda:

2 litres of low-sodium club soda
3 eyedroppers full of stevia concentrate
a single long squirt of lime juice (or half a fresh lime, squeezed)
spices (I like adding vanilla and banana concentrate to mine, but feel free to experiment; I’ve tried everything from cinammon to anise extract)

It tastes a bit like Sprite, only better. I imagine you could use other fruit juices as well if you don’t like lime. Papaya juice might be interesting.

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Fill a large glass with ice. Pour in a tablespoon or so of lemon juice. Add ¼ cup of Trader Joe’s Pure Cherry Juice, then fill the rest of the glass with Sierra Mist caffeine free soda.

On some days, I will also add two shots of Crown Royal.

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In the cafeteria in residence there were machines with what we called blue, orange and green. They were just really sweet liquids that were artificially coloured. The orange was nectarine, the green was kiwi and the blue we just didn’t know. These flavours were sooooooo concentrated. Every time we went to the caf we tried different proportions and experimented.

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Seltzer and Welsh’s grape juice
A&W Root Beer, Coke or Dr. Pepper with vanilla ice cream
The syrup from a jar of Maraschino cherries + Coke

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TAB? wow, havent heard that soda in a very long time…

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on TAB: uh, this thread is not for kids.

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Fill about 3/5 of a cup with Sprite or ginger ale (Canada Dry is my personal favorite) and the other 2/5 with cranberry juice. Canada Dry sells a cranberry ginger ale which is pretty good, but not quite as good as mixing it yourself for some reason.

This same ratio works for other juices as well. I like to experiment and try to create unusual flavors. So far I’ve also tried and liked soda with pineapple and cherry.

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That cranberry ginger ale is good. I think I will try it homemade.
How bout Fresca?? I guess I could do tricks with t

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@jazmina88 I haven’t tried it with Fresca. While it probably works fine with plenty of flavors, my guess is that the more orange-y taste it has might cause certain combinations to have a weird taste.

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My mom mixes diet caffeine free coke and tab (75% tab). When I was a little girl it was coke and tab (50/50). In restaurants she gets coke and diet coke (only 25% coke) to her dismay Tab is no longer available on tap. She travels with her Tab sometimes, because it is hard to find.

On another note that crappy lemonade power with club soda is very good. Tastes less fake and less sugary in the club soda. Add a few lemon or lime slices and you can fancy it up.

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Need a quick pick me up?
Take an egg yolk and scrabble it with some sugar and add a malta to it.
Its delicious and will give you all the energy you need for a day.

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@Pandora Yuck. Do you get pasturized eggs? Or, just risk it?

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I’m not a big soda drinker, and this isn’t a drink recipe, but I used root beer to sweeten baked beans once and it tasted delicious!

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Sprite (i think it’s similar to Mountain Dew) mixed with Peach Schnapps (spelling?!). 1 tot schnapps with a glass of sprite, that’s really yummy. (or make it as strong as you want of course).
You can also make a punch with Sprite – mix fruit cocktail juice with tequila and sprite (i usually use champaigne/sparkling wine instead of sprite).

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@NaturallyMe- Sounds good. Hardly a “soft” drink though.
Sprite is more like 7up than Mountain Dew.

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Well, the first one is soft enough i’d say. :) It just gives the Sprite a slightly sweeter taste that i like. Oh yes, 7up is like sprite. What’s Mountain Dew like then?

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@JLeslie Just risk it. LOL Whats life without a little risk. ;D
It is quite good. You can also replace the malta with warm milk and some vanilla. I let my daughter taste that once and she loved it.
Do it with warm milk and it does the opposite of the malta. Its great to have when you want to relax.
The malta was actually suggested to my mom by our doctor when I was anemic. It help give me the energy I needed for the day.

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@Pandora I rarely have a yolk period, because of my cholesterol. I do love eggs. I even make chocolate cake with egg beaters.

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Sprite and orange juice.

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Ginger Ale and sherbet of any kind. I prefer raspberry.

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Dr Pepper and Peanuts or Coke and Peanuts!! That was a long time ago…

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I don’t know if this counts as a soft drink recipe, but I like to mix mango iced cream with Limca or Thumbs Up.

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