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Do you have a "blood brother"?

Asked by zenele (8242points) July 14th, 2010

The pinky swear question made me think of it. Kudos.

I imagine the post AIDS generation does not have a blood brother – but I do.

It was about 35 years ago – and we did the ritual.

He suggested, I almost fainted. But I did it.


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I do. It’s actually a blood sister though. We did it about 20 years ago. Sadly we didn’t keep in touch once my family moved away.

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I have a blood sister. We cut one another’s fingers and mixed the blood.

It didn’t work though, we didn’t remain friends forever. But it was great while we were. We even buried a ’‘bond’’, with a letter in it saying we’d be best friends forever, and then we inserted some of our favourite toys in it. I wonder if it’s still there, or what whoever digs it up is gonna say if they read the note and see the toys.
Anyways we got that off of Full House and thought it a good idea at the time.

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Nope, I remember getting the “don’t make blood brothers/sister because you might get AIDS” talk from my teachers when I was 6.

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Same story… I do have a blood sister, but I haven’t talked to her for years and years.

We were close for a long time, though. :)

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LOL AIDS brothers.

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