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When you can't give anymore of yourself (emotionally) to anyone, do you shut down?

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 17th, 2010

Or is there something that you do?

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Sure. It’s normal. Re-charge eventually happens.

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I prefer to use my rationality rather than my emotion. But,that’s me.

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I tend to shut down. It seems that I battle it until it completely exhausts me. I’ve tried everything from getting patience tattooed on my right wrist to meditation and stretching. I would like to be able to give 100% of myself all the time but when you have depleted yourself and there is nothing more to give I think your body naturally shuts down to re-charge.

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There is no problem in shutting down or retreating inward. Just remember to reboot. I tend to get mired down and I wouldn’t recommend that. You can’t give to other people when you have nothing to give.

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I’m not sure what this means but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it!

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You should not give too much without some return anyway. If you are past that point, give to somebody else or find something else to do.

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yes… is good.

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I’m going down the slippery slope, guys.

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Let someone take care of you for once.

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I pretty much shut down. I’m actually in that shut down phase right now, and have been in it for about six and a half months. I tend to take care of myself more when I am locked up inside myself. I don’t feel vulnerable, anxious, or tied down. When I’m in a shut down phase, I usually go numb. My thoughts and mind honestly take a toll on my body physically. I don’t feel things when I’m touched by people and all I want to do is sleep. My body reboots after a long ..very long period of resting time. I haven’t been able to rest and relax lately, so my body feels drained..and I feel nothing.

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