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Besides us, what other species has the potential to conquer the world?

Asked by lopezpor (241points) July 18th, 2010

I was looking at my dog just right now and she seemed so pensive… She is sitting on the floor and is looking in all directions. I wonder if she is bored out of her mind just sitting there! Then, it occurred to me: I bet she has a pretty good understanding of her surroundings. She recognizes faces, knows when her food is ready, understands the basic things I tell her… in short, she’s pretty smart and I think some of use tend to underestimate how smart other species can be! Ignoring for now our imagined self-importance, if we weren’t as smart as we believe we are… what other species do you think would have the brains to build themselves something that suits them… something that makes them rise above all other living things on the planet?
I think dogs are a good candidate, and I have no problem imagining my dog as a canine leader!

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Parasites. Microbial ones, specifically.

Like microscopic zombies, they would consume everything until nothing remained.

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Birds. They can hold stuff with their talons (like we use our hands), can be very smart, can get pretty big, and can fly.

It’d be like a planet ruled by dragons.
Sort of.

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Cockroaches. They can adapt to almost any environment, eat almost anything and have high tolerance to chemical poisons and ionizing radiation.

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I was going to say roaches but don’t forget ants, there are bazillions of them just in Australia alone!!! and they can bite!

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Flying monkeys wearing red vests and fez caps are plotting as we speak to take over our government and the entire western world.

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Definitely ants. Their organizational skills are amazing.
Actually, they already have conquered the world; they just allow us to continue breeding as long as we humbly continue to provide them with food.

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Definitely not going to be the koala’s.

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Cape Buffalo or Janeane Garofalo.You pick.

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Cats. They’re doing it right now; you just don’t know it.

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@lucillelucillelucille, I’ll take the Buffalo please.

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When I look outside my window the only significant work/damage I see is man made. So far we are the only ones capable of doing so much to the planet.
No other species has the capability of polluting the entire planet’s atmosphere with radioactive dust. No other species can have just one oil well in 2000 break and do so much damage to thousands of miles of coast line and everything that lives there.
We are the only species with that “power”.

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Insects and spiders control their world and collectively are within inches of us at any given time or place.

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I just watched a documentary on Beavers today. They’re pretty smart and resilient, build amazing stuff and are darn cute – especially when they kiss.

yes, they showed them kissing

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I vote for ants.

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Self replicating nanobots. I got a cool link fir that but ittl be a while to find it.

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@Cruiser Have you been listening to Limbaugh again?

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Definitely cats.

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. ~Terry Pratchett

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Cockroaches. They can survive almost anything.

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Cows. With their square arses & that knowing glint in their eyes. Them bovine buggers is up to summit I can tell thee ooh arr….....!!! I seem to have affected the accent of a cornish farmer impersonating a bloody pirate. Still there it is.

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@ucme – I love cows’ eyes, they are so soft and deep! I just read that if you feed cows tumeric and coriander, it will reduce their methane gas output. And I bet if you butcher one like that it will taste like curry!

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Klingons more likely.

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The Borg!

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Here we go. Nanobots and 9 other things, but I like nanobots the best.

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@Dr_Dredd You’re correct, the assimilation has likely already begun.

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