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Cheap way to organize/store yarn skeins?

Asked by deborahw1 (7points) July 22nd, 2010

I have lots of yarn/skeins and a small amount of room to store and use from. A way to store and be able to see the different colors. I found a “Ikea Fangst” but don’t know where i could purchase one and i don’t want to wait to order one. Any suggestions? Thanks DD

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I use large clear plastic tubs with lids. The yarn I’m working with goes under the coffee table, and other one goes in the guest room closet. There are flat ones designed for going under the bed, too, but I don’t get up and down so easily anymore! :)

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you can store it in those vacuum space bags.

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I agree, use the under the bed height of a plastic see through box. Place the colors around the outside edge and that way you can see them faster. like colors toward the middle. You can use cardboard as separaters or expandable sock dividers.

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Mine is stored in an old trunk which is also used as a coffee table. I also use a dresser and bookshelves.

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