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What are you proudest of in your life?

Asked by AdvanceSubsonic (28points) July 24th, 2010

Please tell of what you think has been the proudest moment in your life.

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Not just a moment. Having, raising and loving my kids.

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Maintaining and enjoying my marriage for 27 years (next month).

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Keeping my head up when everything else around me came crashing down.
It was so worth it.

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My 14 yr old son telling his Uncle he is an asshole for offering him a beer and then having the courage to tell me about the episode.

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Having the courage to be true to myself in different situations. Hard, but worth it.

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My perserverance to keep learning, keep changing and appreciating love when I have it.

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Right now… my academic successes and hard work, my virginity.

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Being a good son! ;-/

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No contest, when my son was born & then three years later my daughter. Utterly life changing moment, I melted with pride & yes tears were involved too. I literally told anyone & everyone I bumped into on those days that I was a Daddy. YAY for my kids!!!!!

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I’d say I was proud of my parenting, but that job isn’t over, so I can’t say that. I am surely proud of my kids—but that seems like not really answering the question, which I take to be aboiut oneself.

Of course, none of these things are moments. I’m proud of the way I have coped with mental illness. I’m proud of my writing. I guess there are a lot of things I’m proud of, but I can’t say that any single moment comes to mind.

I haven’t stood up on the stage to receive and Oscar. In fact, I’ve never received any award at all. I have never been elected to any office, nor have I ever been singled out for recognition in some ceremony or another. I just don’t know.

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I’m proud I influenced some kids in a good way through teaching and music. I’m glad I’ve led my journey and that i’ve been strong to overcome tons of personal adversity.

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saving a drowning girls life

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Definatly finding the woman of my dreams. Finding someone that I want to actually marry and spend the rest of my life with. I am also proud that I am self sustaining and have a decent job that is relatively secure. Definite blessings in my life. I think the most important thing of all though is having a great relationship with by family. That is truly a blessing

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every one just sat watching her drown . i jumped in the pool and brought heto the deck. her mom hugged her frantically. she didnt even look at me. couple hours later i was leaving her house and i never got so much as a thank you. i didnt want money or to be on he news i just wanted thank you. i dont regret saving her though. she was only 5 and i was 10

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I am most proud of having helped raise five intelligent, reasonably successful, loving, compassionate children who are now raising their children to be the same way. That’s a total of 15 people who will continue to have a very positive impact on this sad old world for many years after I’m gone. Proud? Yes indeed I am! : D

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Seeing the women’s shelter renamed “Meg’s House”.

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I gave up a ten year long powder and crack cocaine addiction. I have been off the white devil almost four years now. Im sure I would have died an early death or be locked up for a considerable amount of time if I didn’t get stop that destructive path. I still battle addictions to prescription medications though. One day I hope I can be happy without chemicals and the thought of them always on my mind. I am also pretty fucking proud when I do something on my skateboard that I have never did before or something that is just gnarly. I also am proud of the fancy work my dad and I do building and remodeling upscale houses. We have built really nice spiral staircases, very unique mantles, intricate
tile floors, showers, and backsplashes.

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GOOD FOR YOU, Buster! Is it ok for me to say that I’m very, very proud of you? : D

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Oddly, it might be that I have the respect of those who don’t like me.
They tell others that I am a good and decent person, and that I am quite skilled, but that I am an asshole because I am a self-rightious boy scout.

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I’ve served over 20 years in the military, so far, and I’m rather proud of that fact. I don’t know if it is what I’m most proud of but it’s certainly nothing to scoff at.

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I am a mommy and now I am a grandma, our children are what we leave when we are gone, nothing is more important than our kids.

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Indeed it is not. I salute you. : ))

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being married for 28 yrs to the same chic. And our son got a diploma easily.and hasn’t been arrested he isn’t a druggie and believes in working hard. words cannot express how good this feels from a parent’s point of view. If I were to kick off tomorrow he would be ok, and that’s a good thing. And I have always taken the best care of my animals as I could.

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@CaptainHarley. Right back at you, fellow veteran. I salute you too! =)

And thanks @woodcutter and @stranger_in_a_strange_land. =)

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