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What would you do if you had occasional 4 inch long waterbugs (resemble giant cockroaches) coming out of your shower drain?

Asked by acc639 (40points) July 28th, 2010

We used to have these appear only once every few months. Now for the first time ever they have been appearing every few days.

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I would… cry. And then find someplace else to shower. Uuuuugh!

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Your best bet for keeping palmetto bugs out is blocking off all points into the home. A mesh trap over the drain they can’t crawl through for instance. Creepy things. I hate that they can fly.

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I’d SCREAM first!! Then tell WTF we’re moving! Now, in your case, call
“The Exterminator!” (that is if you live in the south)

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Stand on a milk crate to shower. Don’t laugh, I have done it, good think I am little squirt! We have frogs and the occasional snake come up as well, in the toilet too! Hard to use a milk crate there.

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I would paralyze, call 911 and then suddenly go into a weird delirium, then, the catatonic state would follow!

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We had these weird long stripey bugs come out the shower where we used to live.. called them Doom Bugs, never seen them before. To be fair though the place was pretty much condemned, and there were rats. We moved. I guess in your case some kind of screen over the drain, you should probably get one to help prevent blockages anyways.

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Is that what they are?! About a year ago, I walked into the guest bathroom, and there was a 4-inch one on the wall. I grabbed the fly swatter and gave it a whack. It fell off the wall, landed next to my foot, crawled up inside the leg of my jeans. I screamed, fell down and pulled my trousers off and beat that thing…hard to do on carpet. A few more showed up over a couple of weeks. I invested in a few roach traps and pretty much haven’t used that bathroom since.

Thank you for putting a name to what they are. This site offers tips on how to get rid of them. Vast quantities of vinegar has now been added to the next shopping list.

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Act now! They lay casings with 12 -20 casings. It is possible one left a casing and the eggs recently hatched.
Roach traps, boric acid and other weapons of roach destruction. Look online
Fight back now ! Really!

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Call GhostBusters.

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My first instinct would be to cry, scream, run, but in reality, if I saw one come out of the drain, even just once, while I was in the shower… I would probably have an aneurysm and perish on the spot.

and I will have you know that about 2 seconds after I posted this answer, my mouse wire under my desk brushed against my leg and I do believe I nearly soiled myself.

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Install a removable screen-type cover in the shower drain. It also makes it easy to remove hair and pieces of soap before they clog the drain. I had bugs like that in my quarters when stationed in Philippines. Stink to high heaven when you smash them, too. The cockroaches there can fly also

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I’d try a LOT of the foaming liquid plumber stuff and let it sit for a good long time. Or anything else that could kill whatever’s down there. After that’s done, definitely a screen or something to keep them from coming up if they’re still alive.

If they’ve got a nest down there, something has to be feeding them. There might be smaller bugs, mold, or something else that they’re able to feed on that, once removed, may encourage them to leave.

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i would most definitely freak out, jump out the shower and resume showering later. but once i got my self together i would definitely find some type of spray and kill them.

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