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How to get into Football?

Asked by ctferrarajr (270points) July 28th, 2010

I am 17 and have never really been good at following sports. I know how the games are played but never really followed any teams closely or anything like that. It seems like it is fun and is a good thing to be able to talk about with friends so this year i have decided to follow football. Any suggestions on how to do so? Should i do research or something and familiarize myself with the teams?

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Watch Alabama play and it will get you into the fever.

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Talking about American Football or soccer?

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@rebbel American Football

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You might want to think about joining a fantasy football league. That way there’s a personal investment in the performance of many players from many teams. It’s not really my thing, but I know people who foam at the mouth for fantasy football.

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Ah, okay, then i will remain silent.

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You need to understand the game to get into it. Try watching football with someone who doesn’t mind explaining the ins and outs of the game to you.

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easy, college football. There is no greater sport, there is no greater fanaticism, there is no greater game.

You’re 17, so what college are you planning to go to? Do they have a team? A team with a century of tradition? If they don’t does a school near you have one?

Until I went to college, I passively watched football. I knew the rules, I enjoyed to some level watching a game, but usually on a Saturday or Sunday in the fall I would do other things. When I got to school, at the Ohio State University, the atmosphere, the game day experience, the stadium, the history and tradition…. it swallows you in almost immediately.

I went from passive football watcher, to can’t miss a game or my head will explode football fanatic. A few weekends ago I paid my respects to Woody Hayes and Chic Harley, two OSU football legends…. at their grave sites. I have Block-O tattooed on my shoulder. I jumped into mirror lake 5 times prior to the M*chigan game (a tradition at OSU). Three of those times while it was snowing, one of them actually breaking the ice on top of the lake. I signed up for an OSU fan website for recruiting. I know the ins and outs of the team and the coaches.

In short, college football. Pick a team, a good team. Watch them play every Saturday. Go to the games and enjoy the tail gating and atmosphere. It won’t take long to suck you in.

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I was going to suggest going to a sports bar to watch a game, but noticed you are only 17, so that may not work. I like @tedd‘s idea. Try visiting your local university and sit with the fans during a game. You’ll get to hear all sorts of comments about the game, and the atmosphere will probably get you excited for the sport.

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I was in the same boat you were, but what really got me into the game is the tense moments, and the nasty hits.

In the 2009 season, when the saints won the NFC championship due to that field goal in OT, I remember it was beyond tense, I was at the edge of my seat. Garrett Hartley kicked a 40 yard field goal and it seemed like forever.

It’s those crazy moments when one play can make or break the game, thats what really sucked me in.

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@wgallios That’s what got me into the game. I became a fan of the Denver Broncos back in 87. They had a lot of exciting moments at the time with Elway. I miss those days.

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i would just start watching.. the more you watch, you’ll figure it out. find teams that you like and follow them.

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Warning! Once you get into watching football you will be hooked. After ten years of being married to a football watching husband, I gave in and decided to learn to like it. I became as big, if not a bigger fan than he is. I started out with the idea that if I could learn to sit by him and tolerate it, it would mean we spent more time together. Now I have the jerseys, play fantasy football and love everything from college to MY New Orleans Saints. I even beat my husband and our league and win the SuperBowl! Who Dat!

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College Football is definitely the place to get started! If you want to watch a great team, watch Alabama (I am also a U of M fan but they haven’t been as awesome as they used to be so you may not enjoy it as much). But football is definitely the sport to watch!! Good choice =]

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@mzgator You give me hope for my girlfriend, lol

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watch it then sighn up

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@tedd: if you can’t beat em’, join em’. We have a great time together watching the games. I’ve got football fever already!

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