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How to find a guy i met only one time at the bus stop?

Asked by GirlAtdBusStop (26points) July 28th, 2010

On my way back to my office from a meeting, I met a guy at the bus stop. Our eyes met, he then wave his hand to me, and keep looking at me while we’re moving on a different direction.
I smiled and waved back to him. But, because I was too shy, I walk faster than I ussually do.
I don’t even know his name, where he’s going, and what’s he do.
Please help me to find this guy… :(

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How old are you? What city do you live in?

I know in Seattle, our alternative newspaper The Stranger has something called “I Saw U” where you can post these things. Maybe there’s a similar paper where you live?

Also, the “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist is also where many people post attempts to find people they met in passing (people on busses, at bars, in line at the grocery store) but beware. There’s also a lot of creepers in the Missed Connections section and if you’re under 18, it’s definitely not appropriate.

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I’m not clear…..were you on one bus going one way and he was on another bus going the opposite way?

Or were you at the bus stop together?

If you were at the bus stop at the same time….then, he may take that bus at around the same time each day. I would just wait to see if he is there at the same time. It will take patience, but it is worth a try.

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Your best bet is to set up a personal surveillance on this bus stop and wait until he returns. take plenty of coffee and doughnuts, you may be there a few days.

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keep going back there… or check Craigslist – Missed Connections… maybe post something there.

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You could tape up papers around the station that says something along the lines of what you asked. Hopefully, he is frequently in that station or will come back to find you.

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Yup, without any specific information, the best bet is a stakeout at the same time each day. And if you do meet, and it works out, this can be your song.

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Thank you all for your answer..
I’m Indonesian, so I’m sorry if my english is not too good :)
fiqbash: We have nothing like that in our’s paper :( But I really like the way they call it: “i saw you”. really cute!
All: I guess I cant get back to the same bus stop too often, because I’m working. I met him on my way back from meeting , I usually still in office at time like that, plus I’m not use that bus stop on my way to office from home :(

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Try the “Missed Connections” section. It’s for people who see one another, or meet, and don’t exchange numbers (and regret it later). Good luck!

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@john65pennington Spoken like a true officer!

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You can always say a prayer…and then…let it go. Let your prayer just go upward.

If it is meant for you to find each other…I promise you… you will. If not, then someone else who is meant for you will show up.

Don’t be disappointed….just keep your heart open and trust that a wonderful man will be there for you at exactly the right time.

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