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What do I do about this baby bird?

Asked by ashxmy_lovee (161points) August 3rd, 2010

My mom found a baby bird in the pool skimmer today, it was still alive. She took it out and put it down. It made its way over to a bush, and it is still hiding in that bush. We gave it some food & water. Another bird, which I’m sure is the mom, keeps communicating with the baby, and comes around on the fence, but then flies away. She has ton that several times. I don’t know if the baby is going to come out of the bush or if the mom will get it out of the bush. I was thinking I should get some gloves & pull it out of the bush & place it in some grass so the mom can see it, but I’m worried it’ll attack me or the mom will.
What should I do?

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Leave it be. If the mother knows it’s there she’ll take care of it. It’s in the bushes so it’s not exposed.

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Yes, it is a fledgling in it’s transitional state from hopping and fluttering to flying. The parent bird (s) will care for it as it continues to get it’s wing strength. They transition very fast, if it is not killed by a predator during this vulnerable phase it should be launched fully within a few days.

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Just try to make sure that the neighborhood cats don’t have access to your yard.

Since the mother bird knows it’s there and is communicating, the less human interference the better ( altho fishing it out of the pool was tremendously helpful :)

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It is safer in the bushes than exposed out on the lawn. Leave it where it is.

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Leave it alone. It has some protection in the bushes. Mom will manage to bring baby food.

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Leave it be and enjoy watching what happens. Human intervention may scare the mom away. However, if the mom stops coming around, you might go check on it.

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If the mother bird doesn’t come or care for the baby then put it in a box with old t-shirt and sock and feed it egg yolk mixed with water from an eyedropper several times a day. Each day then put it on the ground so it can exercise by hopping and trying it wings. Baby birds regain strength quick, I rescued one once and within two weeks it flew off on it’s own.

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Watch carefully to see if the mom actually goes to the baby or talks to it or if the baby talks back

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As long as you do it without the parents seeing. Otherwise you’ll spook them.

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