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Will Shell pay me for water in their gasoline?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) August 3rd, 2010

I had just filled my cars gas tank with regular unleaded gasoline at a Shell Station, just off the interstate. within two minutes on the road, my cars engine began bogging down. i could pump the gas pedal and it ran smoother for a minute or two and then it repeated the same procedure. i stopped by Auto Zone and bought a can of Heet moisture remover and poured it in my cars gas tank. this was of no help, so i took my car to a mechanic friend of mine. he installed another can of moisture remover and installed a new fuel filter. engine ran fine after this. my total bill was $215.97. i paid the bill. Question: is Shell responsible for reimbursing me or am i just wasting my time?

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It can be a long battle, but the station is responsible for your damages, if you can prove it. Contact the station manager right away. Hopefully your mechanic saved a sample of the contaminated gas.

It will also help if other customers have had the same problem.

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I think unless you have some evidence that the problems with your vehicle were caused by water in your gasoline, as you believe, and that you were sold gasoline contaminated with water at a Shell station I’m not sure that you have any way to hold Shell and/or the owner of the Shell station responsible. It’s a question for a lawyer, I think.

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That happened here in louisville. You are lucky you didnt ruin your engine. the station here did reimburse, Just keep your receipts and go back pronto….....

if nashville, has a troubleshooter, get them on it.

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Yes, rethinking this, @jazmina88 may be right, if Nashville has a troubleshooter, maybe someone from the news department of one of the local T.V. stations, you might want to contact them.

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yes John, they are responsible. Go on line and file a claim. They will pay it, is my guess.

could not find the claim’s dept, but this should suffice.

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It’s definitely worth making a stink about. If the owner/mgr. cares at all about their reputation locally, it would make them more likely to reimburse you to protect them from consumer backlash.

Go to them first and mention taking it to the media if you don’t get satisfaction.

I doubt that the Shell corporation is going to care as much as the local guy.

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BoBo1946, thanks for the website. i did file a complaint and now lets see what happens. john

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