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If you had to live the rest of your life in a famous painting, which would it be?

Asked by rpm_pseud0name (8203points) August 5th, 2010

RULES: You continue to age as usual, but the date & time of the painting never change. So you can choose Sunday Afternoon On the Island of La Grande Jatte, to enjoy the park & water, but it will never be night time. (& I’m pretty sure that monkey would get very irritating after a week) Likewise, if you choose Starrynight You can live in that town, but you will never see the sun again.

Of course, you could choose something modern or abstract, but you couldn’t ‘live’ in that world. So try to stick with ‘livable’ scenes. :)

I would enjoy living out the rest of my days with the Nighthawks It’s how I picture Fluther during the off-hours. Just a few stragglers looking for some conversation & having no place to be.

So, what painting could you live in?

(please try to provide links to the paintings, to make it easy for everyone) & have fun deciding!

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This seaside village by Cezanne could be nice. Maybe Paris.

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This. The one that I wanted to link was a Sappho NSFW.

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but my first choice would be one I will start work on in another week of a beautiful beach in Michigan…sigh
what a lovely question:)

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“but my first choice would be one I will start work on in another week of a beautiful beach in Michigan”


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Yosemite Valley Albert Bierstadt

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@Dog How about this?

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@jjmah-I hope to get some good reference photos next week.It holds alot of meaning for me :)

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This one. I like Sargent.

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Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère

I’d be happy to spend eternity in Paris circa 1882.

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Oooh, I don’t that it really applies to this question, but I like this!

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@Syz- OH YES! That is the one!

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@aprilsimnel: I love Sargent too. I have a print of his Spanish Dancer in my hall. The giant original was in the Gardner Museum here in Boston.

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Something by Dali that includes a bed, ocean, naked bodies and delicious food.

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This one. And some others,but I think this is the most suitable for me if I have to eat and drink to survive in the painting.

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@gravity, thought you could use some help. :) Gravity’s Choice

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Anything by Magritte or Dali’.

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This is a great question. It’s really got me thinking. I’m torn between Pieter Breughal’s Children’s Games for the life that is in it and Chagall’s The Lovers for its passion. A close runner-up is Manet’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” because it looks like it was such a swell afternoon.

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Cupid And Psyche!

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”


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Renoir’s The Luncheon of the Boating party
Close the small pic to see the large.

@janbb do you mean this Renoir painting?

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@janbb Wow, I don’t think I could handle Children’s Games any longer than a weekend. I would be so worn out. Just looking at that painting is wearing me out. @anartist,—oooh nice choice. I could see myself hanging out with those folks.

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@anartist That is definitely the one I meant; too bad I trusted my memory on that rather than Googling it!

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@janbb (did you mean to link to an edited/interactive version of the Children’s Games painting? Move mouse over picture)

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@rpmpseudonym and many of them were artists and Renoir’s friends.

Who’s who in The Luncheon of the Boating Party, information from Phillips Gallery, owner of the painting.
I used to go see this painting every week when the Phillips did not charge and my college boyfriend worked as one of the docents/guards.

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I agree….Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir.

It was one of my favorites as a child…because of the woman holding the dog. Her name was Aline Charigot and she later became Renoir’s wife. Now, that I lost my little pooch…I would go right over to Miss Charigot and ask if I could hold it. :)

I did get to see this in person…I was stunned at how incredibly large a painting it is. It is just a riot of colours and movement and interesting people. I could live in that painting and not be bored. If I needed to sleep, I am sure someone would let me do so under a table, preferably after some good wine and no one would bat an eye.

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Okay, specifically, this one or this one. Both by Magritte.

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Teahupoo, by Phil Roberts
Reminescence, by Ken Mac
My Blue Heaven, by Phil Roberts
Capistrano, by Ron Croci
Companions, by Ron Croci

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@ipso, can’t say I blame you.

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Mona Lisa, i’d have her smiling in no time. Oh & The Scream by Edvard Munch. I’d love to know what the subject’s screaming at. Actually it looks like they’re saying “oh my goodness i’ve left the iron on.”

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@ucme, I have heard The Scream is suppose to a portrait of schizophrenia.

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@rpmpseudonym, thanks again for the link!

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I could float around in a Chagall

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir, dude, Alex Grey. We watched a film about him in one of my art classes. Trippy stuff!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oh yes, he’s awesome and cool to hang around, as well. I’m honored to have one of his paintings tattooed on me.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir, that’s pretty rad.

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