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What is a thought that makes you smile, no matter how many times you think it?

Asked by RANGIEBABY (2097points) August 9th, 2010

Seeing the look on my son’s face, when he looks at his son, puts a smile on my face. The look he has makes me think, that any minute he is going to burst from pride and love.

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Knowing somebody loves me to death and will marry me one day :)

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The night I told all the guys at work how bad I am at video games. I played Grand Theft Auto for a week before I realized I could steal a car. It took me 15 minutes to figure why they were laughing at me. :)

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Thinking about the night of July 18, 2009, when my boyfriend and I first kissed, by candlelight at night in San Diego. That memory will always make me smile.

Also, thinking about my cat that died in 2007. He was my favorite cat of all time. Picturing him in my mind always makes me smile.

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Knowing that George W. Bush can never run for president of the US ever again.


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Listening to Bobby McGee with a friend of mine, that one time.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Dancing with Meg at our wedding reception. Five years previously she could barely walk. Eleven operations and hellish physical therapy, she could dance.

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Every time I think of this video I think of little Jocelyn’s talent and her beautiful smile as she enjoys the music. The only problem is the music also brings tears to my eyes.

YARNLADY's avatar

Just thinking about how very lucky I am.

saraSKELLINGTON's avatar

@Brenna_o , I agree with you! :) Thankful to be breathing, alive, someone loves me, I have a loving family and awesome friends, I make people laugh, my boyfriend said something absolutely sweet to me. :) I guess this kind of goes with what makes you thankful too. :)

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Having such a lovely family and friends around to support me, no matter what, (that also includes my furry friends)

truecomedian's avatar

That girl is awesome, her brother cracked me up though.

polinsteve's avatar

Yes, they both seem like lovely kids. I watch and listen to her music most days. Her love of music just shines through. I want to put her in a bottle on my mantelpiece so that on bad days I can uncork it and let her joy flow into the room.

Cruiser's avatar

Pop Rocks and how hard I laughed….Haaa HAAA Haaaaa!! Cracks me up every time! I always carry a pack with me now….just in case!! ;)))

ucme's avatar

The thought that everyone fluthers naked…..well almost everyone ;¬}

Austinlad's avatar

The thought of any approaching weekend.

truecomedian's avatar

Wow, you like her that much. What you don’t see is how much her parents have pressured her into playing as well as she does. There’s something unnatural about it to me because I never applied myself, or finished anything besides drywall repair jobs when I had a business.

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It’s my Mom and my niece. This was taken two years before my Mom died. She loved my niece to bits and was so happy for my sister and her husband that they had this beautiful little girl. My sister was unable to get pregnant (she tried for many years), so, her and her husband decided to go the adoption route and off to China they went..

My Mom and my niece had a special connection (right from the get-go).

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Walking out of a building on my birthday to see my best friends having a dance party around my car to an old slow jam. Makes me giggle smile everytime. Those idiots.

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thinkin’ bout good times. scents and music help memory’s jump forward in your mind.

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*memories, even. Nap time!

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my ex is gone!

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That jam.

And that one.

Oh! That one, too!

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my animal friends/kids

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The way Dave Gahan dances, the scene in Purple Rain where Prince makes Appolonia just in Lake Minnitanka, the mid-coitus-ish face the highlander makes whenever he’s quickened.

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The time at met some of my favorite YouTubers at the 789 YouTube gathering in New York.

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Thinking about the very first weekend away my SO and I took together.

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Well, my boyfriend is all the way across the globe for another 3 months, so I often find myself replaying moments with him in my head. Just a bit of PG-13 fantasizing/daydreaming. Or fun days we had together. Keeps me from going crazy at work (day camp) and helps ease the distance. Half the time I’m sitting by the pool at camp, I’ve just got this stupid smile on my face. I must look crazy.

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Thinking about my son and my husband always make me smile. In addition to that, remembering the feeling when I passed the licensing exam for nursing always makes me smile.

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My sons smiling face.


@philosopher And you deserve to smile with that firmly implanted in your brain. Hope he is doing well.

philosopher's avatar

Thank you.
Happy to see you posting here.

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@BoBo1946 Oh the joy of that is always amazing!!

BoBo1946's avatar

:))) my friend!

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Looking at pillows always makes me smile. Not sure why, but it does.

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This question is so sweet. :’)
Sometimes when I remember a funny memory I just burst out laughing. Or when I remember a sweet memory I just smile. :/

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