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Do you avoid classs the plague?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 10th, 2010

Class reunions, you either love them or avoid them. I have only been to one of my 1962 class reunions. Why? I found myself in a room with strangers. I recognized their faces, but could not remember their names. And, can you believe how some people have dramatically changed physically, in just a few years? Skinny Bobby is now fat Robert. Knockout Jennifer is now without teeth and so on. I guess I just want to keep those high school memories and my classmates as I remember them then, not now. So, what’s your opinion on class reunions? Do you go or do you go away?

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YES, I can’t run away from them fast enough. I don’t know if it is because deep down I feel that I could be one of the few “left behind” in life, not up to standard. They also tend to be show-off events where people go to convince others how much better they are and how much higher than everyone else they have climbed. I don’t even want to know when they hold such an event!!!!

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Never been to one, and I never would.
I would only be going to see how much everyone had physically changed…. which doesn’t really sit well with me. So no point going (phew…).

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The last one I went to was my husband’s 20 year where I got to watch a few women chase him around ;) giggles

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I’ve attended several of them and enjoy them more as we get older. Ours was a class of 250 ppl., and for the most part, grew up together. It’s amazing how little the majority haven’t changed in the past 30 years. There were only two that I didn’t recognize, and both were men. The best part though is hearing what they are now doing.

I created a group for our class on Facebook, and it currently has 56 members (including two teachers). Many have befriended each other, and it’s been fun to read some of the banter that goes back and forth between them.

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I wanted to go to the last one. There’s a number of people I’d like to see again and I’m not ashamed of who I am.

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@Pied_Pfeffer : I’m with you! I just went to a small, informal 39th the “Jack Benny” reunion, for those of you old enough to get the reference and it was great! The last time I saw most of these people we were children and now most of us have grown children and some have grands… Nobody seemed to be carrying any HS angst around I mean, really! After 40 years? and we’ve mostly reconnected on FaceBook. Nobody cared how anyone looked, or what “status” we might have achieved. Can’t wait to see more of these people in the near future.

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Haven’t been to one yet. Will probably go to one or two. I turned out pretty well, better than the majority of them did (not to be a jerk), so I’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.

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What about an old high school flame? anyone see one of these at a class reunion? if so, were the feelings still there and what did your s/o think about this?

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I went to my fifth, which I barely remember. I think it was fun.

Last year, I joined Facebook about two weeks prior to my 20th reunion. It took about 24 hours for old ‘friends’ to find me on FB and ask me to attend. I relented and went. Turns out, it was a lot of fun.

I did spend a good part of the night just staring at people, amazed at how we changed. It was very surreal.

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@john65pennington I can’t help you with the ‘old flame’ bit. Most of us either didn’t date in high school, or went out with people in other classes.

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@john65pennington : All girl school and I’m straight.

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Went to one, my highschool 50th. I have never seen so many fat, ugly people in one place in my life. So much time had gone by, we did not know each other, had nothing in common, and could have cared less. I remember turning to my wife and saying, “I hope I don’t look that bad.” Never will go to another one.

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No. I have no desire to attend my high school reunion. I’ve seen enough of my old classmates over the years in different venues and that was enough for me. I once saw an old flame and boy was I happy that fate had other things in store for my life ;)

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I went to only one (my highschool 20th) and vowed never again. I mean, how could everybody but me changed so much!

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I’ve never been to one; I heard they were so competitive that some left early.

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I went to the 10 year one and hated it. None of them were my friends in school and it was no different 10 years later. I’ve skipped the 20 and I definitely won’t be going to any more.

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It’s really more that I don’t know why I would go. Pretty much all of my friendships ended before I actually graduated (I had other friends, just not in the same school in the same grade). So the only reason to go is revenge and finding out that they’re all doing horrible. And I can do that with Facebook, and don’t have to wait 10 years and spend 6 months trying to loose enough weight to maybe, possibly make one person jealous. It just seems like so much effort for a chance at maybe feeling a little bit smug and superior for 10 minutes, but almost definite humiliation and frustration.

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I’m not going to go to any highschool reunion. Those jerks can kiss it. I hated highschool and I hated the fact that I was voted most likely going to remain heavy at the ten year reunion.
But I was told by my parents that all the ” pretty” girls would be ugly. It’s only been five years, and I see one of the ” pretty” girls and my parents were right.

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I would have went to my 10 year reunion, but I was unable to get back to the area to go to it. I doubt I will go to any in the future unless a group of my friends and I make it a point to all go. I still keep in touch with the people that I’m interested in talking to, so I don’t need a reunion to know what is going on with them.

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There was one, but it was out of the way for me since it took place in a bar that I’ve never heard of that had expensive food that I would had never wanted to eat.

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No. I always go.

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I have found that my friends who went to big school don’t care at all. I graduated with 127 and our ten year was a big deal to all of us, even though we knew what everyone was up to in detail.
@shego What an awful thing to be voted!!!! Ugh!

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@SundayKittens Interesting point. I wonder if the size of the class tips the scales in either direction.

@shego The labels, or “Superlatives” as they were called in my day, just need to go away. One of my best friends will forever live on in our yearbook as “Worst Driver”, all because of one accident. Who makes up these categories?

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I honestly have no clue.
But I doesn’t matter to me anymore cause now I have a whole new perspective. Most the girls who put me through hell are single mothers to multiple kids, something they said would never happen. Lol. And their all under 25.

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