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Why do the english call cigarettes fags?

Asked by oneye1 (740points) March 23rd, 2008 from iPhone
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one would have to look that up, but all I know is I do quite enjoy one from time to time, and that can be taken any way you people want… ;-)

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I in no way am I trying to make fun of or attack anyone I really want to know and that’s what fluther is for right

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On this page it says it is short for faggot which means bundle of sticks.

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thanks makes sense I guess we call them cancer sticks

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You’re Welcome! I think Tampa means fire stick, and that’s where the cigar called Havatampa came from I read that in a Florida history book.

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Off topic you from fla I lived there most of my life panama city beach

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I lived in Florida for a very long time. I have a house near Gainesville. I now live in New Jersey, but I’m moving back this summer.

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I wish I was moving back no state tax I’m in twin citys your down in gator country

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Yeah but i get myself in trouble there because I am a “noles fan!

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They call everything/everyone fags.

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it so you can go up to a total stranger and ask ‘can I bum a fag’

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can you go up to a total stranger and ask “can I fag a bum”?

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From what I’ve heard/read, “faggot” really does mean a bundle of sticks like scamp said, so the Brits were actually drawing a comparison between a cigarette and a bundle of sticks. Makes sense, right? You burn a cigarette, you burn a bundle of sticks. I can see that connection. So from what I know it has little to do with the current, more common usage of the word fag. If I’m not mistaken, the connection between little bundles of sticks that you burn and homosexuals was where the derogatory stuff comes in.

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thanks emily I was not trying to put anyone down and your answer is the best

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@ oneye- no one said you were trying to be offensive, my first answer was more of a joke, I have heard cigarettes called fags before (I watch a bit of British tv) and smoke as well, and have said “I’m going out for a bit of a fag” many times. Whether I’d bit anyone hit the other half of the joke, I’ll leave to them, that one I won’t explain.

But yes emily’s answer was the best

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I had English roommates in the past and I learned most of the meanings but that one I did not

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or as they would say flatmates

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I do so adore the English… They’re so quaint(I’m not so sure that portrays what I’m going for, but hey, I’m tired…)

Plus that accent, whoo. Give me a British accent, nice eyes and a killer smile, and I’ll be on the floor. That is assuming said person isn’t a jerk bag.

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I’m out you said nice eyes I’ve only got one

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I disqualify no one, until they give me reason to…


My criteria are not rigid… that would be having unreasonable expectations…

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I was wondering this myself and looked up Wiki and found this explanation:-
It seems that it originates in a term used in sailing, or shipping. In ship or sailor terms, a “Fag-end” was a rope that was frayed and useless at the end. Cigarettes have a non-smokable butt (or filter) on one end that is useless, so the term “Fag” got applied to the butts, and ended up being used for the whole of the cigarette.

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