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Who controls the temperature?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 17th, 2010

I use to work in an office, that was mainly full of women. Some of the women employees were young and some were older. There was a constant battle over the temperature in the office. The younger women would freeze to death, since the older women(going through the change)were having “hot flashes” and kept the thermostat set at 65 degrees. Question: So, how would you determine who has control over the thermostat and how would you handle this situation?

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I would have it at a set temperature and tell the women they were allowed to bring in fans if they needed them for their hot flashes.

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I would decree that no one touches the thermostat, but the manager.

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I would recommend to the younger women to bring a coat to work.

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My husband and I have the same problem. We finally agreed that it was easier for me to put on a sweater than for him to take off clothes- (Although I’d enjoy that! ;o) ) I have the same problem in other places, and the solution for me is always it’s easier for me to put on layers then for other people to stay comfortable in areas that they find too warm.

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GraceT, you are a very considerate lady. not people like you left on earth, today. john

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I would control the temperature and make sure my office was warmer and then let the younger ladies know I could warm them up if they liked.

and then I would work on keeping the number of sexual embarrassments suits down

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I refer to it as, “The Goldilocks Syndrome.” It’s either too hot, too cold, or just right.

In any multiple person setting, there are always going to be those that are happy and those that aren’t. I’m with @mrentropy…it’s much easier to opt for the cool side and layer up if need be.

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Where I used to work energy conservation dictated the temperature setting, which actually resulted in a seasonally-driven compromise.

During the warmer months it was set for 78º, and for about 70º during the cooler ones.

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Urgh I’ve had this issue in Offices before, woman always feeling cold…Il set it to what was environmentally normal and not excessive in any direction then no one is suffering and any minor differences can be managed without the need for y-front office wear or fur coat action!

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Thank you, John! I was on the other side in my previous job. Unfortunatly, I was the one who was very warm when everyone else needed it to be at least 84 or 85 degrees. I would be very hot because I would hand deliver prior medical records- we still used the origional copies of records- still paper bound and not in the age of computers. Because of that, I’ve been on both sides of the issue. So I became much more understanding!

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I think both parties should find a medium and both deal with it.

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@ratboy I meant a medium temperature… If one group wants it on 64, and another on 70, they could put the temperature on 67 or 68.

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In the case of global warming, the mainstream media.

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@MeinTeil for a long time I thought you had to be a fool to deny climate change, I mean there’s no doubt global temperatures are changing, I have friends in Siberia that say their weather is very crazy these days but I do agree whoever wins were gonna use EVERY drop of oil up if were environmental about it or not so it doesn’t make any difference. In that sense I’m with you. In the mean time its just a crafty way to make money. Carbon taxes etc.

what does matter is that whoever is MANUFACTURING alternative energy generators; tidal, wind etc will be the the country(ies) that wins in the long run! That is a fact!

and make a hell of a lot of money out of it, fact is it 30–40 years there will be NO oil, fact, global warming should never really have been the issue, its more the shock therapy.

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Global warming has all the aspects of a religion, think about it.

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[mod says] Please take the global warming debate to an appropriate thread.

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