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Has your life changed significantly now that you found fluther?

Asked by JLeslie (56898points) August 19th, 2010

I saw on some show that a woman lost a lot of weight, maybe 200 pounds, I cannot remember. She had basically been a shut in for many years. When asked how she did it, she said she had been given a computer and found a website where they frequently discussed politics and people gave her positive reinforcement about her opinions. She said that made her feel like she mattered again, and was inspired to turn around her life, beginning with her weight.

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Well my husband wonders what I am laughing about all the time. I said these guys are funny. He keeps asking me if I am having a online affair or something. Oh! YEAH With Fluther.

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I’ve gotten smarter for sure. :) I kind of live in the boonies and I have to conserve my gas and money so this helps me meet with some of my social needs. It’s funny, too, when my family asks me to ask questions for them on here.

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On a semi-related note, I used to frequent a forum when I was thirteen and have maintained contact with a few of the friends I made there. One instance that had a profound impact on me was when someone suggested that it would be neat if users on the forum wrote poems together. I had never written a poem before and gave it a shot. I’m not a poet (or a trapeze artist) but I have been writing poetry since this initial nudge. Another friend introduced me to Emily Dickinson. My writing hasn’t been the same since. She is, quite simply, my muse in everything I write.

Fluther in particular? This is only my second day here, but I’m not going anywhere :)

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I’ve made a few friends, wasted a lot of time that could have been spent studying, learned some stuff, had my ego stroked to critical mass, and improved my writing skills a smidgen, perhaps. I haven’t cured AIDS yet or anything like that, but it’s a start.

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Oh my goodness, yes. In both tangible and intangible ways.

As soon as I found this place, I felt like I was finally among ‘my people’. I don’t know about you all, but in my day-to-day life I have very few opportunities to engage in the kinds of discussions that take place here. It has been a great relief, flexing intellectual and emotional muscles I hadn’t even known were getting atrophied. My mind and my heart have expanded, in ways I never would have predicted. I became passionate about things again.

On the more tangible side, I had never been on any interactive website before Fluther, and literally just stumbled across the site a little over 2½ years ago. I was a total newbie not that long ago… now, I’m a member of the staff! How awesome is that? My financial picture has certainly improved! :D

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I have learned a lot that I never ever EVER would have learned had I not tumbled over here. I now know more than I ever though I would about meatcakes, river dancing, kazoos, slap fights, meat loaf, MIL’s and really good new music. I am looking forward to more out of the box topics. ;)

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Ignorance still seems to be bliss.

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definitely not, but it is so convenient to have a place where you can ask a question about anything and someone will know the answer to it. where as in real life, you don’t usually have 2000 friends to ask.

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Yes indeed.

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I wouldn’t say significant change, but I have learned a lot of new things in the short time I’ve been here.

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I’ve been exposed to topics that I would not normally see. I have also introduced others to topics they did not know about. For example: ^
On the down side, I find I spend a good 30 minutes a day here that should probably be spent doing something else.
Unless I lose a contract for screwing around online, it has not been a significant change.

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I can type much faster now.
I can think faster and form a better argument now.
I’ve learned things.
I’ve realized what an unusual 14-year-old I really am.
I’ve realized what a normal 14-year-old I am, at the same time.
I’ve been yelled at many more times for being on the computer when I should’ve been working now than before.
My “sense of personality” (That’s as well as I can describe it) has been sharpened. When I read a bit of something someone writes, I kind of draw a picture of them in my head. I almost give the picture a voice. Then, when they change their profile picture to a picture of themselves, it’s a shock because it’s nothing like what I thought they looked like. I’ve been getting better at this.

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Has my life changed significantly since I found Fluther? I would blame my change on my computer in general, not just Fluther. I did use to get out more. I don’t blame Fluther for that, I’m not on here a great deal, some days more than others.

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Such a great question and great answers really inspire me too :-)
This women said it right: Your opinion here is count, no matter how you look or sound or smell. Just write it down and you will be noticed.

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I feel closer to America again.

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