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What are your opinions on celibacy?

Asked by lovelyy (1132points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone
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It’s okay when I’m not having sex…

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It can be the right choice or the wrong choice.

Several years ago I spent about six months settling for casual sex when what I needed and wanted wanted was love. This is not a healthy thing to do. When I realized what I was doing, I vowed to spend a year celibate, and not have sex, period. It was a very good decision for me at that time; it was the right thing to do. Other situations, other times, it would have been the wrong thing to do.

It’s a good choice when sex is distracting you from things you think are more important. That’s the usual justification for the celibacy of Roman Catholic clergy, and the vows of celibacy in certain religious orders.

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I’ve never enjoyed it myself.

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lifetime? or temporary?
i think if someone feels they should follow the path of celibacy then that’s exactly what they should do. G-d has a will for them to follow.
temporary? like maybe in the form of abstinence? i think it’s right. erm, “right”.
of course this is talking about sex, not marriage. the first example i gave concerning both.
if you think celibacy is boring then you’re doing it (note: not “it” lol) for the wrong reason(s).
or if that’s just your opinion on it then i think you should find something to rank higher in your life than sex.
of course, that in turn is my opinion.

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I only believe in sex in marriage but its illegal for me so I honor my beliefs by having all the sex I can. So far its working.

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I’m sorry. My iPhone posted my answer before I could finish.

I believe that celibacy is a very wise decision, even in relationships if you find that you and your partner have used sex as the foundation for your relationship.

If you are approaching this from a Christian perspective keep in mind that Paul only recommended celibacy to those who were called to it.

If this is a non-relgious decision I know plenty of couples who abstain from sex because they believe their relationship is more selflessly expressed if sex isnt involved and if they are sexual at all it is usually one person pleasuring the other as an act of sacrifice – in that the other person receives no other pleasure than knowing that they are pleasing their partner.

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What kind of celibacy are you referring to?

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Do it for yourself, not your church.

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Spargett, wouldn’t that be don’t do it for yourself, not your church?

Har. Har.

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restraining from sex.

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Celibacy will result in the survival of the fittest. i.e. Everyone else.

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Not true. Watch Idiocracy by Mike Judge. It’ll have the complete opposite effect.

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That movie still haunts me a little. Well… the intro. I hated the movie itself.
It makes me tempted to suggest sterilization after X amount of children based on intelligence. But then I remember that no matter how much sense it makes to me, it’s still a bit evil.

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“What, like out of the toilet?”

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Thank god I don’t remember the part that that’s from. I think i’ve blocked it out. Its too scary a thought.

But then I remind myself that for science to have a place we need to have a worker force. A proletariat.

And then I realize that i’m being evil again.

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“But Brondo’s got what plants crave, its got electrolytes.” – Person from the future

“I’m pretty sure that if you use water on the plants instead of sports drink, they’d grow.” – ‘Not Sure’

“Water? Like out of the toilet?” – Person from the future

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I’m pro choice.

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going celibate sure would have it’s advantages, like improving self esteem and self worth….and hell, you would even worry less (at least i worry regardless of using a condom or not, i’m so afraid i might have super sperm and get her pregnant)...not too shabby of an idea…hmm

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another thing, my ex last year and I were having problems off the bat and couldn’t have sex, and let me tell you, she was and still is my first and only true love due to the fact that sex wasn’t swaying any feelings. it’s definately a glorious thing to not include sex in a budding relationship, hell, i would even wait like 6 months or so, it would make it that much more worth it….granted i should take my own advice, but just saying, 4 months without sex allowed me to grow feelings i didn’t think were possible with someone.

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