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Is there a way to savagely cripple flash ads that make noise at you?

Asked by Nullo (21944points) August 30th, 2010

You’ve likely encountered them yourself, browsing around. You’re minding your own business, listening to your music, and suddenly your head is invaded by a well-chosen voice telling you about the dish detergent that you don’t want to buy. The advertisers weren’t kind enough to include a mute button.
You could silence your speakers, but what about your music? Is there no way to enjoy your browsing in peace?
Is there no add-on that can fix this without crippling all of your Flash?

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Firefox + Flashblock. It blocks Flash but you can click on it to play it if you want. And you can whitelist sites like youtube and vimeo so flash works normally on them.

There are similar things for Safari and Chrome.

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Firefox and Google Chrome both have good ad blockers (such as AdBlock Plus) that get rid of these and most other ads. They also have alternative plugins that block all flash objects, but then you need to disable it every time you want to watch a YouTube video etc, or specifically add each site you want to allow.

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You just have to click if you want to see it. It takes one click.

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@blah_blah Thanks. I always found ad-blockers to do enough though, so I’ve never used flash blockers.

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With FlashBlock you can right-click and choose “Allow Flash from this site” to tag a web site as friendly to you.

So by default Flash is blocked, but you can designate some sites as OK.

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Hellooooo? Hello-Hel-He-he-he-HelloooooOOoo?

I use Adblock + Noscript for Firefox.

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Not much to add since a few people already said what I was going to say. I’m just posting here to back them up.

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Unistall Flash. This also has the benefit of making your browser much more secure.

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Thanks, @gorillapaws. I just downloaded it and am anxious to see how it works.

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@Lightlyseared Not by as much as you would think, and it would prevent the viewing of many sites, so Flash is still a necessary evil.
I would not recommend totally uninstalling or disabling Flash entirely. The selective unblocking option is far better.

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“savagely cripple” – I love it!

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