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What is this kind of lamp called and how old are they?

Asked by Aster (19967points) September 9th, 2010

Had a chance to snag a lamp I wanted but forgot. It had a big white globe on top half the size of a bowling ball and it sat on a box that had a knob on the front. You’d turn the knob and the light/globe would go from very dim to very bright. Anyone ever seen one?

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Not in the way you’re describing. Could you give a link to a photo? In the 20s there were globes like that…but, I wouldn’t hazard a guess without a photo.

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@MissA I think you’re referring to a Gone With the Wind lamp. Those have 2 globes and are not progressive. This had only one globe and , unlike a GWTW lamp, it wasn’t hand painted . Just pure white.

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