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Can you help me find this web site?

Asked by XOIIO (18251points) September 10th, 2010

It was a site where you put in a URL, and then it would list all the files on that site and let you download them. Very simple, the background was a biegeish color.

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Google “”, and you may get similar or better results. I’m not familiar with the site you mention though.

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Was it maybe this one? It’s not beige but… maybe?

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@lillycoyote YES! I literally just found it in my history which I forgot to clear as you posted this answer! Thanks anyway!

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@XOIIO Great! Was it the same site? Because I thought yours was one of those “needle in a haystack” questions.

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Ah! I’ve used that site before! Disregard my previous answer.

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@XOIIO If you use Google Chrome or Safari, or have the Firebug plugin for Firefox, you can open the developer tools, go to resources, and download pretty much anything on a page.

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