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Could this be an allergy? Or something worse?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16352points) November 1st, 2012

I am house-sitting for a couple with two large dogs. They have a fortnightly housekeeping service but there is still dog hair everywhere. I wake up feeling like I am getting a flu. Sore throat, itch eyes, headache, earaches. They have an energy efficient home, tightly sealed windows and doors. Could it be the dog hair that’s bothering me?

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I don’t know where you are, but here in my area the indoor allergy alerts have been very high to extreme. It is most likely a combo plate of dust, dog dander, ( the fur itself is not the issue, it is the dust, dander and saliva on the dogs fur. ) Dry heat, tightly sealed environment and dogs and dust etc. Yes, it is an allergic response most likely due to all of the above.

I have been sick/suffering too the last few weeks, part of the fall allergy season.
For me it is primarily dust, which, regardless of how much you clean, it cannot be fully eliminated.
Take a decongestant/antihistimine, drink lots of water, use a sinus rinse like NeilMed and look into your local allergy reports.
Maybe do some vacuuming and dusting yourself and air out the house with fans for awhile after.

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When my allergies get really bad, it is hard to tell if I have a virus or allergies. My throat burns, my ears itch and feel pressure, my sinuses kill, I get a sinus headache and even feel achy and feverish. The only way I can tell the difference is if I don’t get any better or any worse, then I know it’s allergies. IUsually I only take Alavert for my allergies, but when they get really bad to the point where I feel sick, then I take Musinex, use Flonaze nose spray and take a cough medicine with codene and a decongestant.

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Absolutely, pet hair and dander when you’re not used to them are shocking to your system. Get some Benedryl or something or keep some windows open, or head to the yard to give yourself a break.

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It’s spring in Australia, flowers budding everywhere, I wake up feeling that way every morning. Your symptoms sure sound like an allergic reaction. Thank goodness I don’t have the problem with dog hair, just the pollen type stuff!

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bah. wish I was in australia @rooeytoo . Hopefully, soon.

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Could be. Does the house smell mildewy at all? It also sounds like mold allergy/infection. But, many of these things have similar symptoms.

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@trailsillustrated – it is a beautiful time in Vic. I see flowers here that I have never seen anywhere else here or in USA. Also lilacs everywhere, rhodedendrum, azalias, forsythia, roses, and so many I have no name for, even though they are making me sneeze, it is gorgeous!

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@rooeytoo I told my children I’d be there before summer, oh I hope I can!

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ps I thought you were in wagga-what make me think that?

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nope we are in Vic! A bit of a change from NT and NQ. You better hurry, looks like summer has already arrive in WA, hot as blazes over there. We are still shivering in Vic.

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oh I am I am hurrying, don’t think summer has hit in sa yet I remember vic being cold that’s where my firewood came from greeeen lol

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Agree with knowitall about it being an allergy. benadryl will help but also try a vacume cleaner. It will pick up the dog hair, and dander and possibly help with the allergy symptoms. :)

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