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Will my music be deleted?

Asked by ivysaurgoesrawr (106points) September 18th, 2010

I got a new computer and when I downloaded iTunes onto it all the music I had previously bought wasn’t there anymore. If I sync my iPod to my computer to get the new music I’ve bought will the old music be deleted off my iPod?

If so, is there anyway to keep my old music?

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Yeah i think the old music will be deleted off your iPod .It hapenned to me when i bought a new computer .

It’s sucks ^^”

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There are various programs available that allow you to transfer files off your ipod onto your computer if you’re really worried about losing your music (search for ipod ripper). In general I like to back up my music library from time to time. Then if something happens you can just copy the music out of your back up into your active itunes folder.

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You can copy the songs you bought from itunes off using itunes. Connect the ipod but make sure you don’t sync it. Then right click the ipod icon and click transfer purchases. This will only work for songs downloaded from itunes.

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Do you have the old computer?

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