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What can i do to make my German Sheperd gain weight?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) September 19th, 2010

He is tall and thin, he is 9 months old and still only weighs 50 pounds. His littermate brother weighs 75. Everyone comments on how skinny he is.
I feed him 6 cups of Purina Puppy Chow a day. Is there a better food i could be feeding him?

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Have you had him tested for worms? I would have immediately recommended puppy food, since it tends to be higher in fat in calories, but you are already feeding puppy food. There is always a better quality dog food than one you can buy in a grocery store, you might want to try your local pet store to see what they offer. The lower quality food should not be preventing him from gaining weight, though. Have you tried adding some canned food to his diet?

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Here’s a growth chart for German Shepherd’s. At nine months, 50 pounds seems a little underweight. However, I would take your puppy to see a veterinarian if you’re concerned about his progress. It could be an environmental issue, he could be sick (definitely have him tested for worms – you can’t be too cautious), it could be that he isn’t eating enough of the food you’re already giving him… there’s too many factors for us to be able to give you a quick opinion.

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Is your vet concerned about his weight? You should really talk to a vet about this. It could be a problem or not, only the vet will know. Dogs gain at different speeds. What does the instructions say on the Puppy Chow on how much to feed him?

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Goofle Canidae dog food and find the nearest vendor. I pay less than $2.00 extra a bag for it, it’s of USDA human grade ingredients, no gluten fillers, blah blah.

Since your dog is a puppy then give him a cup of cottage cheese mixed into his meals. A friend of mine did this with his litter runt English Bulldog and a year later the dog is gorgeous and healthy, no more need of extra food either.

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Commercial dog foods are all pretty crappy, read up on BARF, that is an excellent diet for any dog.

I would rather have a large boned dog, especially a shepherd with their hip and shoulder problems, light than too heavy. He is a skinny teenager at this point and will put on weight when he matures.

I do assume he has had his puppy wormings, if not I would check that. Also since dogs come in all sizes, I would have to see him to determine if he is seriously underweight. Does he have energy and is he happy, are his stools normal, although eating 6 cups of puppy chow would make cow flops even if he is healthy.

If you are really worried, a trip to the vet is in order.

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Have him tested for worms.

There are many better foods than Purina Dog Chow. You could consider raw food. If not, a high end, high protein cooked food.

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Have you asked your vet?

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Talk to your vet, ask about:

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or EPI

My GSD has it, it was similar for us we could not put/keep weight on her.

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