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How can I get a batch file to type the current time/date to a text file?

Asked by XOIIO (18243points) September 19th, 2010

I know you use “TYPE example >filename” to add or place text into a filename, but hoe can I get it to put a variable in.

I’ve tried “TYPE %TIME% >filename” but it always messes up.

I also need it to use any variable I want it to use text from any vaiable such as
“set /p note=
if ’%note%’==‘2’ GOTO b
if ’%note%’==‘1’ GOTO a”

and put the text from the user input into a text file.

Also if you know of a command to display all the text froma certain text file that would be great. Thanks.

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Check out AutoHotKey and you’ll be amazed at what you can do that’s even better than batch files. And simpler, too.

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This page should tell you everything you want to know.

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@cyanoticwasp I want to use batch only so it will work on various oses.

@ratboy thatks, I’ll take a peek at that.

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Try this:


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@IchtheosaurusRex Thanks! I was having trouble figuring it out.

Do you know a command that will pull the text from the file and display it?

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@XOIIO , if it’s a text file you just enter


and it will be dumped on the console.

But if you enter


by itself, it displays the date on the console.

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