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What are some jobs that allow for travel opportunities?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (792points) September 19th, 2010

Ok, the obvious options are to work on an airplane or a cruise line, but are there other options that aren’t so obvious?

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Do you just mean a job where you travel occasionally for different assignments?

There are travel nursing positions where you go to work in one place for a set amount of time (depending on your contract). Once your contract is up, you can go to a different place.

Businessmen travel from time to time depending on their business. Military members usually move from one area to the next every few years.

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I’m in sales and various companies I’ve worked for have had me travel quite a bit domestically and occasionally internationally.

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Evaluate hotels or cruises, you get to stay for free, enjoy the services, but then you do have to write up reviews and evaluations.

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Tour Guide!

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Pharmaceutical representative. That would be mostly in your own state.

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Hi all,

Maybe I should have given more background….I just graduated with my B.A. in liberal studies and am planning to become an elementary school teacher. I am just looking for something to give me some exciting life expereinces until then. I’m in my early twenties and I want to take life by the horns!

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@Evelyn_475 In that case, if you are TEFL or TESOL certified or can get so, check out’s page for teaching English abroad.

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I was going to say the same thing @ETpro did. You can earn some good money doing that, and many programs pay for everything while you’re overseas teaching English.

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**Edited after I read what you said**
Bartending (I have met two bartenders who just work their butt off and travel working for different bars in different countries… You can make a lot of money) Work with a company that has a contract with miltary (Progeny, NUWC are two I know of) You can be a translator… Even just a teaching is a job you could travel around the states with. Hair dresser.

Look on and one stop career center is a really good one too!

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Commercial Photographer, Travel Photographer, Art Photographer…

A good skill to have with @papayalily‘s suggestion of journalism and @JLeslie‘s suggestion of Hotel and Tour reviewer. And heck, in the right neighborhood where the housewives dance in the windows for the Garbage man, it might even apply to @lucillelucillelucille‘s suggestion.

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If you decide to work on a cruiseship work in the retail stores. I’m pretty sure the shops are closed while in port, so you can explore the cities.

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I have a blog contact who teaches theater arts in various schools. She applies with different schools every few years, and has spent several years in China, teaching in American diplomatic schools.

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You could apply to teach English as a second language somewhere, or apply to American or Multi-national schools abroad. We have two such schools in the town I live in in Norway. Of course, it helps if you know the native language too. We have a very large University so the professors and visiting academics bring their whole families and the kids need to go to school somewhere, for the year or so they are here. Perhaps you could look at those types of teaching positions.

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You could join a merchant ship crew? Plenty of open positions, a decent tax free salary, travel the world with few issues (most countries grant exceptions to merchant ships to make international trade easier and more efficient) and alot of people employed with the cruiselines got their sea legs originally working on merchant ships. The only major downside is that it’s rumoured to be alot of work and sometimes you’ll not be able to stay in a port for long.

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Software engineer. For example, IBM is hiring programmers that travel 75% of the time. I know of some other programmers that have to travel to various sites too.

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there are many jobs that will require travel and will pay for your travel accommodations. How about working for a travel company… like Expedia or similar that will want you to go and check out different locations.

Sales jobs with territories that are outside of driving distance, tourism industry (including airlines, cruise lines, rail lines) will have lots of travel opportunities.

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@MellisaTurner Welcome to Fluther. Great answer. Are you an employment counselor?

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@ETpro Thanks ! No, I am a freelance writer.

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@MellisaTurner Cool. Along with Web development, I do some of that as well.

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@ETpro That sounds great !

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