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Can someone help me fix my 5th Gen Ipod (see details)

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) September 21st, 2010

It’s driving me crazy. Here’s the details:
It’s a software problem, because it’s in disk mode right now.
When it’s unplugged from my computer, it reads for me to use Itunes to restore. I can’t use Itunes to restore because my computer nor Itunes will register that it’s there.
I cannot find Apple Mobile Device USB Driver anywhere in the Device Manager.
My Ipod comes up in Device Manager under disk drives and says that it is working properly.
I’ve got the lastest Itunes installed, but I still cannot find Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.

Please help me fix this. I have no radio in my car and I’m starting school soon. Tell me what I can do.

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Have you tried restarting your iPod manually ?
(and then connecting to computer)
Also, if it’s been a while since you restarted your computer, do so before you reconnect your restarted iPod.
Hope this helps.

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Yeah, I’ve done the hold down the menu and center button. That didn’t do anything. I’ve re/un-installed Itunes a few times. The weird thing is that Apple Mobile Device says that it’s installed properly, it just won’t show up in the device manager.

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