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What's the most GAs anyone has ever gotten?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) September 21st, 2010

I think the awards only go up to 20, though.

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It’s got to be sccrowell’s answer to whatthefluther’s marriage proposal. I can’t quite see the number, but I think it’s 129! Anyone who hasn’t seen this thread, go look. It’s the best! :D

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@augustlan So then follow-up question: When n00bs ask what makes Fluther so much better than all the other sites, why aren’t they simply directed to that thread?

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Now that’s an idea. :)

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For a second I thought this question was asking, “What’s the most gas anyone has ever gotten?”. ;-)

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AugustIan has pointed out that she got the most GA in a thread. But If you want to know who got the most GA in a single post that would be Fiddle,he said something about ‘second-nose’. I wish I can link you to that question but I can’t.

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I don’t know. I sure seem to produce a lot of GAs.


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@augustlan did they get married?

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I’m not Auggie but I’ll answer that.
Yes, they did. :)

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@AstroChuck wow…that is cool stuff!

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@augustlan That’s 135 now. Has it got another six GAs today?

That thread was six days old when I joined Fluther, and was one of the things that showed me what the community here is like. I agree with @papayalily – every new user should be linked to it.

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That was before my time. Glad auggie pointed it out. Yeah, that shows the kind of community here. Hope it continues.

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@Doctor_D Actually, the answer @augustlan is talking about has 135 GAs for one single answer. The answer you are talking about by @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard is here and currently sits at 61 GAs.

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I think the most GAs anyone has ever gotten was when Rush Limbarf ate a 5-gallon drum of hydrogen-enriched beans.*

*So sad to a guy in his 60’s when his mind is still in jr. high school.

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@augustlan 138 now!

And @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard’s answer is hilarious.

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139 now. :-)

And fittingly – I have it on good authority (whatthefluther’s in fact) that is whatthefluther’s favorite GA as well.

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@iamthemob Well, I should hope so.

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I’d forgotten all about the vagina nose. Laughed all over again!

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Upon returning to fluther today after several days of inactivity, I saw that the proposal question received seven additional GQs and remarked to @sccrowell that someone must have referenced the question recently. Well, mystery solved! Thank you @augustlan , @papayalily , @FireMadeFlesh , @iamthemob , and everyone who visited the question that does indeed contains my favorite fluther answer. And, yes, @BoBo1946 , I did marry the girl and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past June 19th. By the way, were it not for the distance, we would have been married, with great honor, by that wonderful six year old kid that goes by the name of @AstroChuck !
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther wow…that is the coolest thing i’ve heard in a while. Astro…small world we live in.

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