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What would be some good, appropiate names for Barbie & Ken?

Asked by rebbel (28177points) September 22nd, 2010

Suppose Marvel came up the present day with their dolls (Barbie and Ken)..., what names would you give them were you the one to name them?
Keeping what they stand for, what they look like, in mind.
Paris and Justin?

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Marge and Leo.

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Cullen and Lindsay

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Edward and Bella. ~

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Katie & Peter Seriously…watch it.

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Smoothy and his girlfriend Disappointed ;)

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Yesssss ^^
Do you mean Mattel, or that Marvel comes up with their own version? Because that could be fun, too!

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Madison and Hunter – and then they could trade names!

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Haha, whaddamistakathamaka!
Thanks for correcting me.
Yes, Mattel.

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Muffy and Todd, but liked Marvel Comic books!!!

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Before I read the details I thought they had to go into witness protection. Would have been funner.

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Britney and Logan

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Courtney and Wyatt.

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Madison and Jaiden

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Pammy and Dick

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Palen and Eunuch

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I like @janbb idea. How about Sydney and Jordan? Or, Leslie and Chris? Jackie and Pat?

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She Bitch and Fool!! ;)

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Gullible and Arrogant

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Bar and Leo.

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Tartie & Fartie!

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John and Kate

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Homer and Marge… Fred and Wilma

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Ol’ Plastic Titties and her metrosexually androgynous man friend, Kevin.

PS Stick with this avatar or not? It’s a cat in a polo, come on!

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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!!!

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Tina and Guy.

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