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What is in Steve jobs' iPhone ?

Asked by Ellojesse (19points) March 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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pictures of your mom.

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But for real the iPhone is a revolutionary device with a phone, iPod, and a revolutionary web browser.

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his great genius.

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I think that it would be…........... An ice cream truck photos

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The entire Beatles, U2 and John Mayer catalogue. Every employee of Apple anywhere in the world’s contact details. Pictures of the original Macintosh and videos of every keynote. Every Pixar Film would be on there too.

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oh what’s in it? I misread it and answered what it was. There’s a little monkey inside that goes around turning dials, flipping switches, and pressing buttons. It is rumored that his name is Fred. :-)

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Steve has jailbroke his iPhone and obsessively plays iPong before bed.

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@FlutherMother: Why would he when he has TOUCH-FIGHTER!

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Well, that certainly beats the heck out of iPong! Now, why couldn’t they have done that when they originally introduced the iPhone? I know, I know, it’s because they can sucker $$ from people like me who would pay to enjoy a few more creature comforts (read: silly programs I want that aren’t necessary).

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