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What is Sub-space?

Asked by talljasperman (21820points) September 25th, 2010

I was watching a Star trek episode talking about Sub-Space communication and I was wondering what is Sub-Space?

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It’s a fictional invention of Star Trek to let them communicate instantly without the limit of the speed of light.

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I thought it had something to do with space & the lack thereof for submariners. Cramped conditions, no elbow room you see.

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@ucme I’m afraid to ask you what a Captain’s Log is

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@talljasperman Ahh, now either that’s Shatner (Kirk) nursing a semi over Uhuru’s comely thighs. Or alternatively, the skipper of the doomed Titanic shitting himself when he saw that iceberg bearing down on his beloved ship. Either one works for me :¬)

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A fictional instantaneous communication device is commonly called an ansible.

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Sub-space is that area located underneath each Subway Sandwich Shop.. its there for the employees to hide, in case of an armed robbery. if you believe this, i have a bridge in California i would like to sell you.

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@timtrueman ; Good one. First heard of that in The Left Hand of Darkness.

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Hahaha! I thought it was a synonym for the ionosphere.

I clearly have not seen a lot of Trek.

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It has three real meaings in mathematics. Anyone interested in those can Google it. The Star Trek subspace was a science-fiction convention that was never adequately explained in terms that make sense in terms ot the General Relativity theory of Gravity. All I know about it is it made faster than light communication and travel possible, somehow. And then, of course, there is the very real place certain people go when deep into BDSM games.

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The problem in sci-fi is how do people get to point A to point B in space quickly, that is faster than light. Enter in Hyperspace, Slipspace, Subspace, and the idea of “jumping.” Subspace communications is a way to circumvent the whole theory of relativity thing. Ansibles and other technology, also solve this issue.

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@everephebe Welcome to Fluther. Thanks for introducing yourself and for introducing me to Ansibles. Actually, if we had a machine that could produce a fluctuating large gravity well and modulate it, that would do for an Ansible. Gravity operates instantaneously over distance. It doesn’t have to travel. It is a bending of space-time.

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Gravity is not instantaneous, it has a speed equal to the speed of light.

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It’s the mental state of a submissive during D&S play.

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@chocolatechip Oops, you are right. I was thinking of the gravitational effect on entangled particles, which is instantaneous but which, due to averaging, cancels out within the macro world where we would find it interesting.

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