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On a scale of 0 to 10 how would you rate your sexuality?

Asked by flutherother (30154points) September 29th, 2010

This is a very personal question but very few of us are completely male or completely female. If 0 represents the ultimate masculine and 10 the ultimate feminine where would you place yourself on this scale if you are going to be honest with yourself and with us.

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It depends on what level. psychologically (sexuality included) 10 of 10 on how male i am. if we are talking physically, well i am 6ft 6in and strong, but i have no hair on my chest, i dont quite really grow much facial hair at 27yo, its basically pubes and head. and i do kind of almost have tits, so im no stereotypical alpha male. so probably really more of an 8 of 10 or so.

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Are we talking sexuality or gender?

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I’m not sure what word covers what I mean which is how you consider yourself. Some in a male body with a male gender might consider themselves more female than male and so on. It’s your perception of yourself, not how you appear to others or how you would like to appear to others so it is very personal.

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Since i turned 45 i’m humping anything with fur around it . So it’s a big 10 from me good buddy .

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Mentally, about a 3. Physically, about 8.

@flutherother I think the word(s) you might be after after is “gender identity” or something similar, rather than sexuality (which would more refer to whether you’re gay or straight).

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What @downtide said. Gender is defined by your brain, your sex is defined by your genitals, and your sexuality is defined by who you choose to sleep with (in regards to your sex).

So, it sounds like we’re talking gender. I’d probably be a 4 or 5. I feel kind of equally male and female, but I think I lean slightly toward more male.

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If 0 is male, and 10 is female, then I am absolutely a 0. Equipped with all male parts, hairy chest.
I like women.
Even though I’m missing my prostate and shoot blanks, I still like to aim and shoot as often as possible.

And there’s no mess! How cool is that?!

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@worriedguy By all accounts you are not the best shot in the world !!! lol (Have you ever been shot ? )

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@mickhock Perfect! ;-)
By the way I clearly was doing an activity only a male would do.

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@mickhock Ohhhh how romantic.

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If you are asking how feminine I act on a scale of 1–10 with 10 being most feminine then I rate myself a 7, coworkers gave me a 6.

If you are asking how feminine I feel in terms of if I think I am straight or homosexual (I’m female) with 10 being most straight then I rate myself an 8.

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@Aster stop flirting .

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I have a male body, short hair, I work out, I’m athletic, I get along with “bros”, I love the outdoors, etc. I’ve never felt like a female and I’ve never wanted to be one. But: I have “feminine” interests like musicals, gardening, shopping, fashion, and kitty cats. I can be “sensitive” and I am attracted to cute and beautiful/pretty things. (Stuff my male companions don’t necessarily focus on). Additionally, I lack facial hair and much body hair and I’ve always had a more effeminate voice and look and I’ve always been relatively small. Additionally, I’m 100% gay and attracted to males.

I feel in the middle in terms of my “feminine” side and “masculine” side. My body, though not the manliest and burliest, is definitely male and masculine in appearance. Around 5 seems to cover this pretty well. Still, most of those traits are stereotypical. In truth, there is no part of me that feels like I am female or want to be. I’m as “real” of a man as any other man…

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Feel feminine—a 9 or 10 . Can’t differentiate. LOL ! I may take off one point for being slightly independent, cocky and not willing to take male BS. LOL!! 9 then. Not being attracted to women a 10.
Look feminine-I hope a 10 . This means not-masculine; not beauty, right? 10. A poss. 9.
Act feminine-it’s a hard one. 9? Took off a point for not being
real prissy, quiet or passive. Maybe an 8. FUNNY Q!! Bring on more like this.

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You’re talking about gender (and, possibly, biological sex), not sexuality – a distinction I find important. I have a female body and most people would perceive my gender at a 6 but my own perception doesn’t like this scale. I don’t get why people’s qualities get deemed as feminine or masculine, whatsoever.

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8. Yes, most surely a 8.

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I think probably an 8 or 9. Except I am a diy-er, handyman/woman. I like how things work and get satisfaction out of work like changing the battery in my car. But I like makeup, high heels, fussing with hairstyles. And I hope to have sex with a man again!!

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I think sometimes it’s worth doing what I did – separating physical gender (sex) from mental gender, as they don’t always fall in the same place.

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I’m a 10. ha! what movie is that from?
I love being a woman.
@faye extra lurve for “And I hope to have sex with a man again!!”

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I’m an 8. Yes i’m in touch with my feminine side…I just love satin knickers oohh :¬)

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