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How can I see the most of NYC in a small amount of time?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) September 30th, 2010

I’m going to be in NYC Manhattan area for 3 days for the New York Comic-con Anyone else going? Lets meet up.
We are driving up early Friday morning, in hopes of getting to the hotel by about 9. and hopefully to the convention center by 10 or 10:30

We are leaving Sunday afternoon, probably around 6.

Now.. I’ve never been to NYC, and I really want to go exploring.

I’ll be at the convention from about 10–6 every day, so I suppose that only leaves us with nighttime exploring.

So… does anyone have any suggestions? Things to do? Places to eat? That are vegetarian friendly

Our hotel is 0.5 miles away from the Empire State Building according to Google, if that helps

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With your limited time and it being evening. Just walk around the city.

You will get a good feel, see (and smell) what NYC is all about. Be prepared to stop here and there for a drink and a snack. Always a pint of beer to be found.
Plenty of interest places around every turn.

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MOMA is open Friday evenings until 8 P.M. It is a definite must-see.

I would not walk around Central park at night, but you might want to take a horse-drawn carriage.

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One of our helicopter tour companies.

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In addition to the must see sites like Metropolitan Museum of Art and Times Square, I’d recommend the following:

Visit Rockefeller Center; the skating rink might be frozen by now. Walk from there to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, it’s an amazing building. Then walk to 60th/2nd Ave and take the tram to Roosevelt Island and back. This is good to do around sundown or just after dark. It has a lovely view and it’s fun.

Have Chinese dim sum for lunch at Pings on Mott St. in Chinatown, and afterward walk north a couple blocks and go for cappuccino and pastry at Cafe Palermo (148 Mulbery St.) in Little Italy

Walk across the Brooklyn bridge, it’s historic, has great views, and a wonderful elevated boardwalk. When you get to the Brooklyn side, have a world class pizza at Grimaldi’s, you’ll find it under the Bridge on the right side.

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You could do the hop on hop off bus one day. That way you see a lot and can get off when something really interests you.

Aside from that, let us know what types of things you are interested in. My favorite places are:

Statue of liberty and Ellis island, includes a nice ferry ride out to the island.

Metropolitan museum of art, and after you can walk through central park. The suggested price is just that suggested, you can pay less. I usually pay $5 per person.

If you like to shop Bloomingdale’s is really nice, Macy’s is still known as the largest department store in the world I think. No tax on clothing items less than $150, or maybe it is $110? No matter what if you have sales tax in your state you will be saving.

Walk around SoHo.

Spend a few minutes in Grand Central, historical and in many movies. There is an annex to the subway museum, it might be called the transportation museum there, with some interesting history and great souvenirs.

Also, use the subway, unless money is no object and you can use taxis. Take a look at the subway map, so you get a little familiar with it. You can see it online probably. The maps are available at almost all subway stops, just ask for one from the person working in the booth.

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