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What is that high pitched screeching noise occasionaly heard in Virginia Square in Arlington VA?

Asked by pjk5042 (22points) September 30th, 2010

there is a high pitched screeching noise emitting the heart of Arlington VA in the Virginia Square infrequently, perhaps twice a week, and I have no idea what it is. It also bugs the hell out of me

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I’m guessing lawyers being questioned on their billable hours, but I haven’t heard your noise, so I can’t say for certain.

Maybe if you can describe it in more detail, such as time of day, intensity and duration, direction, that sort of thing. “Screeching sound” can cover a pretty wide range. (You should have heard my sisters years ago when I would look at them in the car.)

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Perhaps it is this

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Here is the site of the manufacturer of the Mosquito Teen Repellant that includes examples of the sounds so you can compare to what you heard

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Loudspeaker malfunction, perhaps.

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