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What are they looking for in this application question?

Asked by Blonderaven (387points) October 2nd, 2010

I am applying to go on a high school student exchange with rotary club, and I’m currently filling out the first form. One of the questions is “Describe the American form of government”. Does anyone have any idea of what they’re looking for as a response? a straightforward answer, as I might give in a history test? Or are they looking for more of an opinion on how America is governed? Or something else I haven’t even considered yet? please help!

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Hi @Blonderaven I went on one of those (many many years ago)! Judging by the wording, I would go for the straightforward answer, but obviously give as full an answer as you are able. These exchanges are about cultural exchange, so I believe they want to know that you have a sound knowledge of your own country.

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They are looking for the straightforward answer outlining the separation of powers between the 3 branches.

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Go with the straightforward, objective, straight out of a civics book answer, no political opinions. American government is organized on the federal, state and local levels. Describe each one, and how they are different.

Perhaps mention who your congressional representatives are, as well as the name of your governor, and mayor.

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Thank you! here’s what I wrote:

The United States is a constitutional republic, which means we have a leader
that is voted in by the majority, and this leader must follow our constitution. In America, power is divided into three separate but equally powerful branches : legislative judicial and executive.

On the application it said to write a brief response and there wasn’t much room

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Because Rotarians are mostly small business owners, as a group they will like to see your understanding of and emphasis on support of free trade, small government, less taxes, trade protectionism, a strong military, that sort of thing. Think conservatively as you respond and you’ll do very well.

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