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Extensions or implants, which do you believe is better for having longer eyelashes?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) October 5th, 2010

There are implants for eyelashes but they harvest hair from your head and implant it in the lid, down side is that the hair grows longer than the lash necessitating the need to have your lashes trimmed and curled. Won’t trimming the lash leave the ends blunt and thus fake looking? The only other alternative seems to be extensions but they last about 2 months +/- if you baby them, and they cost a lot of bucks for the upkeep. Is there a hybrid between the two, synthetic lashes that an be implanted so you have longer lashes that you won’t have to keep cutting off? And anyone had one or the other and what do you like best about the choice you made out of implants or extensions?

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Latisse appears to be the newest way. Supposedly it makes your own lashes grow longer, fuller, and darker. I’d be a little afraid to try it, though. Apparently, it can do some weird stuff to your eyes.

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I don’t think it’s prudent to take drugs or have a procedure done just to get fancier eyelashes. They’re just eyelashes. Taking medical action over something so minor isn’t worth the risk, at least not until you know for a fact that there is no risk. Especially when you can accomplish the same thing with a pair of false eyelashes. Really. My housemate wears false eyelashes all the time. I wouldn’t have ever noticed if she hadn’t mentioned it.

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Go natural and love the way you look.

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I paid for extensions before a vacation, went scuba diving and they melted right off. :-(
I think Latise is the best bet too.

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Seriously – who honestly cares whether you have long or short eyelashes? As long as they functionally keep the dirt out of your eyes, they’re working. Put on some mascara and get an eyelash curler. Why on earth would you risk permanently staining your eyes some weird colour just so you can maybe get your eyelashes 1/16 of an inch longer?

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I recommend neither- you’re beautiful the way you are.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – at last something we can unequivocably agree upon, why the hell would you care??? Don’t you have something more important to concern yourself with???

@Hypocrisy_Central – I always thought you were a guy, now I wonder. Or are you a guy who always wanted to have long eyelashes?

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@rooeytoo Perhaps he’s a guy that isn’t satisfied with his girl’s lashes.

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@rooeytoo I was wondering for my fiancee, we talk open and honestly about what cosmetic enhancements, etc that she will do because she know I am not down with most all of it but many women dye their hair, those with straight hair want curly, those with curly want straight, so many “changes” are not permanent or very evasive. Extensions are just that, after about 2 months they are gone and all is the same as before. Implants for weak lashes amount to little more than a guy getting hair transplanted to keep from having to comb over his bald spot, or a woman getting facial hair lasered away so she don’t have the “fuzz” over her upper lip. But with the implants the hair doesn’t grow like the original lash so it can have a fake look. I personaly like @augustlan ideal. At least if you stop doing it all goes back to normal so the brochure says. Lashes for regular men is not that big of a deal. :-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central – I didn’t mean to be rude, sorry if I was too abrupt. I truly had never heard of this before and was astounded. The lengths women go to in pursuit of beauty just amazes me. Sure I wouldn’t mind looking like a runway model, tall and leggy and gorgeous, but I accept the fact that I am a scrawny little squirt with graying hair and short eyelashes, heheheh. If my mate doesn’t like it, I guess he will have to trade me in on a newer model. I must admit though that periodically I get a perm for curls, I always wanted curly hair. But I don’t do it too often, it is too damned time consuming, I hate sitting still that long.

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I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with wanting thicker/longer/darker eyelashes. I mean, if you have the money and it would make you happy, who am I to judge?

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@augustlan – I completely agree. I have just moved in from the middle of nowhere and I am still a bit behind on all this stuff! I am a true country bumpkin, not to mention old broad, I was just surprised.

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