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What is a affordable place to live in NJ and close to NYC?

Asked by AlexandriaRae (4points) October 5th, 2010

Where in NJ would a 25year old woman who does hair and a 30year old man who is a bartender moving from arizona to new jersey/new york area want to move?

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Jersey City, yo. Before it gets fully gentrified.

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It’s not close, but many people tend to live in central jersey/southern north jersey because it’s cheaper, although the commute to NY can be an hour and 30 min to 45 min.

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Jersey City is affordable compared to Manhattan, but expensive compared to Arizona, and it’s a relatively high crime area. Violent crime is over twice the national average.
Still, there aren’t a lot of options in NY if you don’t have a trust fund or lottery winnings.

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i used to live in staten island and then i moved to AZ at 16 and i would love to move back but i need a laid back town. I love red bank and Pier village but where else is comparable but closer to the city. but of coarse i dont want to hate my self the first year while im trying to get life in order paying for some place outrageous

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