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Where would it be cheapest to buy legitimate expensive watches?

Asked by Jbor (649points) October 8th, 2010

I’m looking to buy a IWC watch. But where would it be cheapest? It’s made in Switzerland, but might be cheaper in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

Contries, places, shops (non internet, though suggestions are welcome) etc. – all suggestions are welcome. The question is not only related to IWC however, but rather where luxury goods like these are actually cheapest. Any customs and fees when returning to your own country are not relevant in this regard.

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a pawnshop. or ebay. I have a rolex and my husband has a few really expensive luxury brand watches, they were all bought in this way. those are the only reliable ways, unless you are really good at spotting replicas. Is it a replica your’e after?

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NYC, most reputable jewlers carry one line or another of fine watches. Also if you happen to find yourself in Vegas, check out some of the nicer pawn shops there…
There’s also this link at the International Watch Co’s site.

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Go to and Become a member. They constantly have sales for luxury goods. I see watches on these sites almost every week.

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