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If you had the option of choosing someone to die for your sins, who would you choose?

Asked by rojo (13836 points ) December 21st, 2013

Just wondering.

Me personally, I would probably choose Rush Limbaugh.

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My only sin is Gluttony, but I don’t weigh 300 lbs. either. haha
Hmmm….who should die for my sins? Clearly myself. Sinners should pay for their own sins and be responsible sinners.

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I have never done anything that would require death to compensate for. There is that one former work supervisor that I would kill because he was SUCH a jerk! But that’s HIS sin, not mine.

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What @Coloma said.

But if I had to, I would say… some random guy who probably didn’t really exist, that I’ve never met, care nothing about, and yet still has some serious street cred.

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I don’t believe in sin. And the concept of substitutionary atonement is a vile one.

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@tom_g Agreed, but for the sake of the question I played along.

Actually, “sin” simply means missing the mark, as an archer missing his target. Therefore ” sin” just means to fall short, not some mystical, satanic inclination.

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Oh come on guys, lighten up, its Christmas the holidays!

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I wouldn’t take the option. That has to be the most chickenshit thing anybody could ever do. If you commit an act, expect to deal with the ramifications if you want any respect from yourself or the people around you.

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@rojo You’re right, human sacrifice scapegoating is hilarious! I second what @tom_g wrote.

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I sure as heck wouldn’t do my kids. I’d aim for a pot-stirrer like Glenn Beck.

He still walks so it’s clear I have no sins.

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A rabid canine.

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Hey, if the snow boot fits.

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Kanye West

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No one. I find the very concept reprehensible.

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Oh crap. Now I’m picturing Seek sitting out in her yard with an antiaircraft gun on Christmas eve getting ready to take down Santa. Thanks.

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Hoban Washburne already did.

blessed be his gorram name

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Antiaircraft gun?

Why on earth would I stay up late when I can just put arsenic in the cookies and milk?

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I was on @tom_g‘s page – totally – until @jonsblond mentioned Kanye West. Hell, if I had no sins at all I’d murder him myself just so that he could die a second time to atone for my sin of killing him. It could be a damn infinite loop, and totally worth it.

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The guy who ran over me. He owes me for wrecking my body, he can substitute with fixing my soul.

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Arsenic wouldn’t be a challenge. Knocking Santa out of the sky with a 40MM would be more fun.

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@Jonesn4burgers Who ran you over? What kind of repairs does your soul need?

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I want the Capitalism which profits by leaching onto an arbitrary religious holiday to die for my sins.

Corporations are “persons”... Right?

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YES! Walmart can die for my sins.

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I’m not sure that having someone else pay for your atonement is really atonement at all.

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^^^ and self flagellation is so masochistic. lol

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In real life, I find the concept appalling. In the spirit of the question, I’m going with Fred Phelps – the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church. I may hire @Seek_Kolinahr to do the deed.

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@Adirondackwannabe I was run down in a crosswalk by a guy who decided to try beating the oncoming traffic with his left turn. The intersection was left turn on signal only, but he walked. What sins would he be dieing for? HEH HEH. The ones I accumulated back before I was mobility impaired, still independent, supple….....................!
Those were the days my friend, I thought they would never end.
There’s one or two retired sailors out there with very fond memories of me.
There’s three or four others who lie awake nights fearing I may yet come back for more.

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@Coloma “Actually, “sin” simply means missing the mark, as an archer missing his target.”

That’s the Judaic definition of “sin” – the literal translation of the Hebrew word – and I think it’s right on target (pun fully intended). Each of us is only human; we all falter and fail.

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My ex-boyfriend. Having my sins forgiven and ridding the world of that POS would be a double bonus.

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