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If I have to pee and hold it for as long as humanly possible, will my bladder get bigger or will I come up with some freaky bladder problem?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) April 4th, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m thinking it could cause an infection. You get the feeling you have to pee for a reason. Your supposed to let it out.

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it could cause kidney problems, actually, i think it *will cause kidney problems.

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You’ll pee your pants!

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Infection. I know a dude who held it on flight for way too long and got one.

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omg one time i was in class and my teacher wouldn’t let me go. so i held it for about an hour and it hurt so bad my eyes started watering. ever since then my bladder hasnt been the same. i have to go all the time and cant hold it. it sucks.

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wow! That shouldn’t have happened! Wow!

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I know. I’m still upset about it to this day.

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Don’t try it… there’s a reason we have to do that.

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Lord Byron died that way.

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I don’t think I’ve heard of him.

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@65Stang; Ouch. George Gordon, Lord Byron, one of the MOST famous 19th century romantic British poets – along with Keats,Shelley, Wordsworth, Blake, Arnold, and Coleridge.

Romantic Poets

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To return to question, when women have to get ultra-sounds of uterus, kidneys and other things in nether region, they have to drink quarts of water an hour beforehand. The technician always takes these women on time, because it is agony. And getting from the table to the toilet is always a race.

You empty bladder, drive halfway home and then empty bladdder again.

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I can’t believe someone who actually want to do this.

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I think it will get bigger but you just reminded me of the Simpsons episode were Homers father is in the car and needs to go to the bathroom. Well homer doesn’t want to stop the car and they keep passing toilet or waterfall signs and grandpas bladder just explodes in the car. Its hilarious.

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Growing up in a household with 5 people and 1 bathroom, I’ve learned to hold it. And by hold it, I mean for hours, sometimes all day. I do it now, even as an adult, without realizing it, just because I was so used to doing it as a kid.. Plus, I’ve got more important thngs to do than pee. I’m a busy woman. hehe. I’ve never had any problems. But thats just me, I’m not saying it wouldn’t cause problems.

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if you drink coffee, then water, then pee once, you’ll have to be again like 4–5 times in a very short amount of time. i forget why, but it happens. but you wont pee urine, youll pee like a little hint of brown in a clear solution.

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The human bladder is made from many components of muscle and tissue, both of which are extremely flexible. If a person begins to flex that muscle by holding his/her pee for mass amounts of time, the bladder will stretch to a certain extent, allowing for increased holding time, but only for so long.

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I’ve read that by the time you feel the urge to urinate, your bladder has stetched to the size of a melon. Pretty amazing.

I imagine women’s are smaller since they have less internal real estate. Damn uterus!

Ruptured bladders are a common cause of death in auto accidents due to where the seat belt lays across the abdomen.

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it also kills sperm count

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@ninjaxmarc could you explain how this could happen?

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You could definitely get a urine infection.

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@skgskgskg22, your teacher should pay for your medical prescriptions!

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