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Healthy wound appearance on neutered dogs?

Asked by sueellenbee (1points) November 19th, 2010

My dog was neutered on Tuesday and his wound doesn’t seem to be healthy looking what should I look for to avoid infection and how long does it take the wound to heal

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I’d get some advice from the vet. They should offer some sort of follow up service.

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Ask your vet. Does he have an Elizabethan collar on, or is he licking the wound?

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Neuter incisions should have clean, dry edges that are nicely opposed. Redness, swelling, discharge, and gaping should be checked out by your vet. Problems with reactions are usually related to the dog licking at the wound or failure by the owner to restrict physical activity, so if you don’t have one, get an e-collar (Elizabethan collar) and make sure he’s not bounding around like an idiot.

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Definitely check w/the vet… my SIL had to use an ice pack on her dog:-/

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