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For those who watch tv, do you think the commercials have gotten both longer and louder?

Asked by Aster (19062points) December 17th, 2010

It has recently dawned on me that commercials are coming on more often , last longer and are much louder than the previous couple of years. Am I imagining this or do you agree? They seem to last so long that I switch over to another show using “recall” but that show will usually have a commercial running too !

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I am so glad that I don’t watch t.v..

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I have been downloading torrents of shows since about 2003 and they don’t run longer. On how primetime shows usually have about 17–18 minutes of commercials. And a 30 minute show has about 8–10 minutes. This is the same as it was in 2003.

edit – Her are some sample running times.

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We have cable and they have some local advertisers that help them pay the bills. We noticed that only their commercials were loud as hell not the ones coming in from the syndicated feed. I asked them about it and all they said was their volume output on their end is constant. If the volume is different on some ads it will be on their end. Sort of like trying to get help at any Home Depo. So I contacted the media specialists that produced that commercial and others to tell me why this is. I wanted to get their explanation first before I inquire with the FCC. Within the hour they replied via e-mail telling me they did not realize this was happening. They are going to get with their engineer to see about correcting that. Apparently I was the first and only complaint according to them. I’ve been around long enough to recognize that squishy feeling of someone blowing smoke up my ass. Anyway that ad is no longer on TV. I had heard a rumor of pending legislation about just this phenomenon and I think perhaps they had too.

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Longer, yes, louder, yes.

The advertising firms have found a new way to sell more commericals on television, thus more money in their pockets.

Here is how the loud commericals work: if you are familiar with a sound equalizer, good. no need to explain this. but for those that do not have an equalizer, here is how this works. instead using an equalizer as before for a great fidelity sound, the adviertisers place all the buttons on the equalizer, in a neutral-straight across sound. by doing so, the volume can be turned up many dbs. so, what you hear on the commercials is a loud volume noise, compared to the use of an equalizer. an equalizer can adjust the highs and lows that you receive in your televison set.

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