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How does one claim the 300/600 dollar college student tax refund?

Asked by mil (4points) April 10th, 2008

i am a college student, and hate doing taxes. I know students are being kicked 300 or 600 dollars this year. what do i need to do to make sure i get this? also, i am a part time student, will that void my kicker?
any information helps.

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Try a search next time, a rebate question was already asked in a different form early yesterday. and click on “rebate questions?” at the top if the page, it explains what you need.

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Its not just going to students. Its going to everyone that made a over and under a certain amount of money. It will be passed out by mail. Welcome to fluther.

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All you have to do is file this year. Even if you didn’t make any money.
If you put in your bank account numbers in the filing, you’ll get a direct deposit next month. If you make them mail it to you, expect it from May to July, depending on the last two numbers of your SSN.

So suck it up and get that 1040EZ or 1040 in by the 15th.

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If you are claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return (say, your parents, for example), which many, if not most, college students are then you will not be getting the rebate check.

Your parents, however, will get an extra $300 because every family will get $300 per child, so maybe you can get some of that.

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