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How to open my third eye or awaken my kundalini?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 19th, 2011

How to open my third eye or awaken my kundalini?
Even if they are different, how can I do both?
How did you do it? If you have done it.
Which meditation should I do? And how to do it?
What are the benefits of third eye or awakened kundalini? How does it feel?
Which is the fastest way to do so?
Do the binural beats like those on youtube help?

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In my experience, chasing after peak experiences is not very helpful. Meeting ordinary circumstances as they (and you) unfold is what’s important. Do that, and the peak experiences will take care of themselves. Don’t get hung up on either the valleys or the peaks of experience.

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I have had some limited success in openning the chakras. I recommend pranayama yoga, which is a series of postures and breathing exercises. I also believe it is safer to bring energy down from above than to draw energy up the kundalini. By drawing energy down, you awaken the higher chakras first and are more equipt to handle the powerful impulses that you will feel when the lower chakras begin to open. The key to openning the chakras is the visualization of energy as white light flooding the area of the body as you meditate. This visualization becomes the mental trigger that with time and practice you can use to open and energize the chakras at will. When a chakra opens you will feel like you are unclenching a fist and life and light floods the area of your body. If you have built up mental associations with your exercises, you will also experience a set of mental connections that you had not made before. But it is better to concentrate on small steps rather than on epiphanies.

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As the mynah birds on Huxley’s Island were trained to repeat:

Here and now.

You might not awaken anything or open any 3rd eyes, but if you focus on here and now you’ll probably find that you’re happier at the very least.

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In my understand and own experience you really will need to learn more about the Chakras and energy pathways in your body and how they work and relate to you and your own lifestyle first. Then you will need to learn how to manage and interact with these energy pathways and a good place to start is to learn about Pranyama (yogic breathing) as this is the engine the you will use to move and fire up your energy inside you. Also Kundalini will involve Yoga asanas or poses to move energy through your muscles and prepare your mind and body for the meditative aspect of your journey that will then bring it all together for that Kundalini awakening you are seeking. There are Kundalini tapes and cd’s I find them even at my library that will guide you through Kundalini practices. Getting to the awakening is not a simple task and will require dedication and commitment on your part.

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I agree with @thorninmud

I had many peak experiences and it is easy to get ‘addicted’ to such. More ego, wanting what ego always wants..‘more.’ lol

Just ‘work’ on your presence…stilling your mind, so the flow is not diverted through a knotted mind.

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Hallucinogens can be a good catalyst.

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I agree with saying and visualizing your chakras. But I do it while being still and quiet when it’s peaceful in my house. I’ve never used yoga. You could also try Transcendental Meditation.

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