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What did she mean by this statement: "I think I will dig a hole and just jump in it"?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) January 19th, 2011

Tonight, at a meeting, this statement was overheard by several people from an outstanding citizen of the community. What was her implications in making this statement? Could it be a form of anticipated suicide on her part or was she just making idle talk? Question: “I think I will just dig a hole and jump in it”. To you, what does this mean?

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Maybe it was another way of saying that they are handing themselves a shovel because theres a lotta crap gonna be spewed out + their gonna let it rip?

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I think it means pretty much the same thing as “The shit’s about to hit the fan…so I’m gonna duck.”

Basically, I’d say something similar if I was listening to the majority reach a sentiment that I found myself unable to argue against for one reason or another…that I thought was wrong…and therefore felt that the only way to deal was let everyone fuck it up and try to protect myself as best possible.

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It’s something like dig your own grave – when you think the situation is hopeless.

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It matters a lot what she was responding to when she made the remark. Do you have a context?

Has she been striving or fighting for something that’s taking a lot of opposition? If so, it just might mean something like “I’m sick of struggling against the odds here, trying to get something done. Sometimes I’d like to just forget about it—forget I can see the problems and forget the effort to solve them.”

Digging a hole can mean a lot of things, and one of them is shutting out the world—retreating into denial. But it might be some particular part of the world, such as whatever the meeting was about, and not all of life.

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To me it suggests that she’s going to say some things that will make her very unpopular.

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It means, “I don’t want to deal with the reality I’m facing, so I wish I could be like an ostrich and burry my head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening. ”

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Not knowing what the meeting was about and you described her as an outstanding citizen, then she uses the word “just” when she said just jump into it appears to me her statement is out of character and she if intoning a sense of giving up and IMO a cry for help or attention to her conflict she must be facing.

Did she then present her problem?

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Speaking my mind and digging my grave.

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Where I come from it simply means “I am very embarrassed.”
If people are saying nice things about you, you don’t want to appear to be conceited or a narcissist.
If you say it as a joke it is almost like saying “thank you”.

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@Judi – the ostrich burying it’s head in the sand is the analogy I was think of when I hear this statement.

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We would need context to be sure. Could mean she wants to hide, could mean she is embarrased, could mean she is sick of listening to someone’s bullshit. So many thing.

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Escape from whatever is going on. ;)

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Updated information: this woman is a gambling addict. believe it or not, EACH DAY, she spends at least $500.00 gambling. $500 dollars a day X 30 days in a month, means she is spending at least $15,000 dollars a month to feed her addiction. how she can afford this, i will never know. i suspect criminal activity, but no proof…..yet.

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Normally, I would agree with @worriedguy.

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That lady is very shy, either that or she’s an ostrich! Wow, imagine that…..

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In that case, @john65pennington, she is digging a hole.

To interpret the remark, I think we’d still need context, which doesn’t mean background so much as where and when it was said—under what circumstances—and to whom, and in response to what. And we’d still just be guessing. Only the speaker really knows what she meant by it.

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it simply means “omigod are you serious? you might as well just call me unresponsive on this issue. i cant even take it any more. just please figure out if you’re gonna take a %^&* or get off the toilet. would you please make up your minds? my patience is running thin. get it over with—i need to pick up my son from basketball practice at 9.”

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I suspect this woman is selling illegaly obtained prescription drugs(pain killers). she has been observed with a huge bottle in her open pocketbook. she use to be a nurse, if they helps describe the situation.

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It usually means you’ve been licked and you’ll do what a dog does: dig a hole and crawl into it and lick your wounds until you’re ready to come out. It’s a concession or surrender to the powers that be.

It is not, I don’t think, a sign of a wish to die. I’ve never heard it that way, anyway, and it would never occur to me that’s what someone meant when they said that.

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