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Does anyone still shoot with Hasselblad cameras?

Asked by Upward (740points) April 13th, 2008

I shoot with a Hasselblad but I’m curious if anyone else does and why. I was in NY last week and everyone was shooting Cannon or Nikons.

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I don’t, but only because I can’t possibly afford one.

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My dad does and he loves it! He still only uses film.

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yeah I am a nikon user, going to upgrade do d3 soon, can’t wait.

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D3 is great! Shot my last mag cover with one. What it can do with zero light is impressive. But my Hassy is still much sharper under normal conditions.

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If I still owned one, i would certainly be shooting with it. My entire life I’ve been dedicated exclusively to Hasselblad and Nikon, and for convenience, a pocket Minox and have never been disappointed in the quality and performance of any of the three brands.

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They’re super well built cameras (in theory, the ones they left on the moon would still be usable..), super-dependable, and they give you great results that can’t be (exactly) replicated by digital cameras.

Most people are going for conveniences or speed (camera -> end product) over the “hassle” of running film.

Then again, I had a great time shooting a Hassie with a Aptus Leaf 17 back…

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Yeah, if they can afford one.

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Man if I could afford one I would have it at my side 24–7. Hasselblads are the shiznit for image clarity and low-light applications.

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ive worked with two photographers here in the chicago area who swear by them, and those two have been the best photographers i have worked with so far, and from my experience even though they are expensive cameras, they do give the best final image. I love the pictures i received from the shoots with the photographers I worked with that used Hasselblads

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I haven’t shot mine since November, nearly entirely because of my budget. Though the H2 is a fantastic camera for digital jobs with a tech and budget etc.

I’ve also felt constricted by the square format, after 10 years of committing to it.

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Hasselblad cameras were all that I used. Would luv to have one again.

People today just can’t understand. Film is like a living organism. The Hasselblad made it breath life.

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@ChazMaz….And I suspect you did your own developing and printing as well. Its a beautiful process to perform and behold and will soon be lost less a few knowledgeable zealots/historians. See ya….Gary/wtf

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“And I suspect you did your own developing and printing as well.”

Yes, I did. And I am glad that I did. Brings an insight that you would normally miss.
The emulsion never lies.

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