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How to screw with someone's mind?

Asked by steempy (22points) February 12th, 2011

I know this very manipulative, egotisticle, selfish guy that really knows how to push my buttons and i want to mind fuck him to give him a taste of his own medicine.
Could anyone help me out :)

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Be the better person and ignore him. Life has a way of teaching people lessons.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Take the high road, let him be, he’ll fall on his own soon enough.
You can’t outsmart Karma.

He has plenty of rope to hang himself without your intervention.

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@psychocandy and @Coloma gave you great advice. Learning how to screw with him like he does with you will only pull you down and make you no better than him. Ignoring him is the best thing you can do.

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If you ignore him, he will no longer get a thrill out of tormenting you. Take away his thrill!

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If you try to play in unfamiliar space, you will never be able to win there. Let it go. Let him go, if he’s too annoying.

BTW, “egotisticle”, if spelled “egotesticle” would be an excellent example of a parapraxis. I believe your meant “egotistical”, but “egotesticle” will get the job done even better.

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Why bother? Take all the above advice and ignore him. Even if you don’t want to take the high road, the biggest insult to someone is to have him go unnoticed.

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Ignoring someone who is intentionally trying to push your buttons can end up being difficult – often, they can tell if by ignoring you’re pretending as if they’re not doing what they’re doing.

So, how is this person really pushing your buttons?

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he will be more mad if you ignore him

If you keep giving him attention & feed back thats what he wants

Learn to ignore the problem & there wont be a problem.

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It takes innate talent; to screw with someones mind. it can’t be taught easily… You could get tips by watching an old black and white movie called Gaslight… or by reading the Wikipedia article

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It helps to know who the person is. If he’s a parent or sibling you have to deal with it differently. If he’s your boss, well, good luck. If he’s someone in a group you hang out with, it’s much easier to just give him the “stuffed animal stare” and not respond.

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Walk away. Put this person out of your life, and he can’t do anything to you.

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Go get a lottery ticket today with yesterdays winning numbers….show him the ticket and the numbers in yesterdays paper and tell him all the great things you are going to do with all the money. He will never notice the date difference. Massive mind fuck courtesy of Cruiser! ;)

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‘egotisticle’? Did you mean ‘egotesticle’?

I can’t help you, really. There are issues here too personal on your side and his to really understand here or give advice about. You really have to know a person to really piss them off. Ask anyone who has gone through a bad divorce. OH.. there’s an idea. If he has an exwife, I’m sure she’d have an idea or two.

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You are letting him get the best of you and it shows. Hit the silent button with him. Completely ignore him and his comments.

Remember, “Silence is Golden” and it just tears most people apart. It will him, too.

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If they are a coworker, take the opportunity once a day when they go to the bathroom to take apart the handheld part of their phone and put a penny or three in it, then put it back together. After a few weeks, take the pennies out.

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Is this guy a Narcissist? Take a look at this site, full of the wisdom of experience. @iamthemob asks how this person pushes your buttons – that is really the issue. Whatever he does that upsets you, however you find yourself affected, unless you can take a step back, breathe deep and look at your own reactions, there will always be problems. Maybe not with him, but very likely with others.

The biggest risk in trying to ‘mind fuck’ him back is your own health, sanity and morality. He will likely win, having won already and you will be at a disadvantage. Take care of yourself, do better, win on your own terms. Good luck.

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@incendiary dan

I’m trying to understand what your instructions accomplish.

I’m going to assume you meant one day as opposed to “once a day” since that hardly makes sense.

Is this supposed to weaken the battery ? Create an electrical short ?

And what does the removal after several weeks accomplish? Why not just leave them ?

What am I missing here ?

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Yes, whats with the Pennies?
Why not a cockroach?

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I once changed all the preset numbers on my Boss’s desk phone to call his ex-girlfriend (who had a restraining order against him).

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Genius :)

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I was mad at my sister once and (while living in the US), so when I was online I signed her up for all sorts of mail catalogues and direct marketing stuff. I have no idea if it bothered her or if she knew who did it.

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Revenge will hurt you more than him.

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