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Think I did the right thing?

Asked by Fallenangel (260points) April 15th, 2008

So Im 18 and my ex is 17, we broke up becasue i felt we were going no where. In 6 months all we ever really did was sleep on a couch, or watch a movie at one of our houses. We went out maybe 3 times the entire time we were together, and all of which were with other people.
Our relationship came to an end it was because i felt like the passion had died, she rarely kissed me and spetm less and less time even chillin with me rather than texting other people wile we we next to eachother.
I know I still have feelings for her, but I really dont think that was going anywhere.
What do yall think?

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Dead end, buddy.

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You’re still young. This won’t mean much in the long run.

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I think you did. But I would recommend waiting a while and seeing what happens. If you miss her a lot, and she still misses you, try it again. I know a lot of people who have done the same.

It does kind of sound like it was a dead end, though.

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There are plenty of jellies in the sea. From what you describe the relationship was void. If you really miss her now, it’s probably not her but the familiarity. I’d say you did the right thing.

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Yall are quick lol


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A relationship that dull when you’re only 18…....imagine where you’d be 5 years from now if you hadn’t ended it…

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You’re young, you did the right thing.

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wildflower is right. At that age, you two should be all over each other. When you’re in your late teens/ early twenties, relationships are more for learning about yourself and the opposite sex. Chalk it up as a learning experience.

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Why didn’t you go out? Was it you decision to stay home and watch movies or hers? Did you ask her to go out and do things? Who was the home body in this situation? Was it you, her or both of you? These are things to think about before moving on to another girlfriend. If the passion died out so quickly as you say, you will need to think about how much responsibility you had in that situation so you don’t make any repeat mistakes.

Ask yourself if you allowed the relationship to get boring. Her texting other people while she is with you sounds like she either was a boring person herself, or she was bored with you. You can learn much from this and make your next relationship a better one. My best advice to you is to get off the couch and go have some fun. Good luck!!

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Sounds like you should hook up with Kay.

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Honestly, it was her. I can up with all sorts of ideas of stuff to do, but she was always “too tired” or didnt want to. She didnt do anything all day but go to school.
Tho me being a push over really didnt help much i guess….
Come to think of it, I think i did do the right thing. She was really just a bad person. She hit me a lot and was always yellin at me for stuff, even though i continued to treat her as best i could….

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Well then it looks like you have found you answer. You did the right thing. Now you can move on and find someone better suited for you. Look forward, not back.

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Yeah. Good decision. Don’t ever put up with someone treating you as less valuable than you are.

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Maybe she just didn’t like you or she was scared to show her emotions. You never know,some people find itvery hard to do pda or just let go in front of the person they like.
But I think you did the right thing,if you’re over it, thats nuff said

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