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How could I relax and act normal with a guy I like?

Asked by 15barcam (753points) March 19th, 2011

I started liking him when he was the only guy in my grade who stayed for the whole school dance because the rest of them were boycotting it. I’ve managed to act normal so far, but yesterday my friend said he amitted to her he liked me back! Things pretty much never work out like that for me! Now I’m so nervous to talk to him and I don’t know how to just act normal when I’m nervous! Any ideas to CALM THE NERVES and manage to act the way I had before?

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Hmmmmm….why don’t you get some exercise to get rid of some of that nervous energy?
and stop saying that things never work out for you! Be positive!

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When you talk to him, you can say “I’m so nervous, I have wanted to get to know you better.” It actually will help relieve your anxiety, plus it shows your interest.

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Act as you normally friends with him, get to know each other…maybe he’ll make the first move ;) don’t stress yourself out…you’ll be fine.

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Don’t think of your meeting as a prelude to a date (I am assuming that’s what you hope for in the future), just see him as a friend and you are getting to know each other. That might take the pressure off. Perhaps have a few ideas for things to talk about too. What does he like to do? What music does he like? If you have a few ice breaker questions, that will keep him talking and give you chance to catch your breath and calm down. When I am nervous, I ask people questions… people like to talk about themselves and you can then listen and nod and look interested and get past the fear! It also helps you to avoid talking TOO much or too fast (or maybe that’s just me!).

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Just be yourself and act like hes just an ordinary guy. That’s what I do and things seem to work out~

Also relax! Go and drink a class of hot tea.

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Think of him as one of your girlfriends and just talk to him normally. Put that he likes you out of your mind.

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Well, a little “booze” does it for me. If that isn’t feasible, then try not to think about him. Put him out of your mind completely until you run into him. Then I think you will appear more relaxed and spontaneous.

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Read a quote recently that seems to address your issue:

“Our opinions about ourselves get in the way of BEING ourselves.”

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Just be yourself and talk to this gentlemen the same way you would talk to your family, friends, and classmates. You can get to know him by doing an activity both of you enjoy. (going out to eat, movies, sporting events, walking the mall/stores and/or getting a cup of coffee, tea or sodas.) Good luck

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