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So... Who doesn't drink hard alcohol?

Asked by Aethelwine (42940points) April 11th, 2011

Our lovely Seelix asked the collective if anyone doesn’t smoke pot. I’d like to know if anyone here doesn’t drink hard alcohol. Am I the only one?

I can’t stand the stuff. One sip or drink and I want to puke. too many bad experiences

I’ve never known an aggressive, mean pot smoker. Can’t say the same for hard alcohol drinkers. :/

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I don’t. I used to but my husband is a recovering alcoholic and asked me not to drink when we were dating. I decided it was only a beverage and if it was more than a beverage it was a problem.

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Me. I’ve heard too many horror stories of what people do when they get drunk.

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@Judi My best friend doesn’t drink for the same reason. Family is more important. I respect that decision.

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I haven’t for quite a while. I never liked it. I just did it because everyone else did, and I didn’t want to be boring. I’m over that, though, because I’m not 18 anymore.

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I’m a recovered alcoholic, so no drinking for me at all. (No pot smoking either, for that matter.)

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Only on special occasions, every day is soooooo special ;¬}

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@ucme : Have another on me. I insist.

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I maybe have 3 drinks a month.

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Very rarely; I am a beer guy when I drink at all.

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I do drink liquor, but it’s rare for me to drink at all. I might drink, I dunno, 3–4 times a year, max. That isn’t including the occasional beer with a meal.. but even in those instances, I rarely finish it. That is also an infrequent occurrence.

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I don’t drink very often but when I do, I go for the harder stuff. I’ve never developed an appreciation for beer.

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The last time I drank straight hard licker (151 rum) was about 40 years ago.

I now have it occasionally, in a strawberry daiquiri or a peach margarita.

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I drink Jim Beam on occasion. One or two shots, max. Usually, beer (Rolling Rock) is my choice, but again, I’ll only have one or two. Unless I’m doing Jon’s radio show… more is required of me then! :p

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Beer, whiskey & stout only for me & the odd Vodka now & then… Although I do have a slight weak spot for a Jack Daniels & coke, all in moderation of course….. :-/

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@hawaii_jake Bottoms up, as someone said at the nudist beach

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Not me. I’m a gallon of whiskey per month person, I’m generally nicer. Greyhounds, sometimes usually without the grapefruit juice.

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<waves> me. I was raised in a tee total household, so was never around alcohol. In the past I’ve had a couple of sips of white wine on special occassions (usually given a glass by people who won’t believe me when I say I don’t drink lol). To be honest it doesn’t appeal to me, never has. Same with smoking. We have a works night out this week coming, but I’m not going as usual. It’s just too much hassle repeatedly explaining to folk that ” honestly… I don’t drink…”, and them refusing to believe me, or looking at me like I’m some kind of lunatic or freaky person. I’d rather stay home and hug my fur baby who doesn’t mind if I’m watching tv and sipping orange juice all on its own :-)

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Have never touched any alcohol in 47 years of life. I don’t need to kill brain cells to enjoy myself.

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I quit drinking all together about three years ago. When I did drink, I stuck with beer and wine and fru-fru wine coolers. No hard liquor for me.

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No hard alcohol for me…nope, not since the spinning room episode. Never again.

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I can’t stand the taste of it (unless it is so diluted by other ingredients that it’s unrecognizable).

The drinks with the little umbrellas are about my speed as long as they’re not too strong. Or else something that’s got enough cream and sugar to qualify as liquid dessert ha ha.

I can count the number of times i’ve had anything to drink in any given year on the fingers of one hand. Usually wine with a fancy dinner and that’s it for me.

And if anyone disapproves about my lack of drinking, it’s THEIR problem. I refuse to make it mine.

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If you mean by hard alcohol spirits ( especially vodka the alcoholic’s favourite) then I don’t. I drink beer and then only Real Ale (craft beer) which I think is healthy when drunk in moderation (with the occasional fling). This type of beer is rather bitter in taste which does stop me at least, from drinking too much.

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No alcohol for me… the alcoholics in my family ruined it.

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I usually stick to wine or beer. Can’t recall when I last had anything other than that.

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I have about one alcoholic drink a year if that. I don’t really enjoy the taste of alcohol and would rather have a coke or something.

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Rarely. When I do,I’ll usually have a vodka and tonic or gin and tonic.
I do like a good wheat beer.:)

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I’ll drink vodka on rare occasions. Usually, I just drink wine and even that’s only occasionally. Both are none at all right now with being pregnant.

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Never touch the stuff. I prefer a good Cab or Chardonnay. ;)

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Almost never, and then only when it’s disguised. A weak gin and tonic with lots of lime juice and ice is nice.

An occasional sip of wine is enough for me. I get sick long before I get any buzz.

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I almost always have red wine in the house for those long stressful days that need need to be unwound. Hard liquor on occasion for those really hard days. When my sister and I get together there is usually liquor involved that’s only once a year though. Good thing my sister doesn’t live closer. Everything in moderation right?!

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I never used to drink at all. I come from a looooooooooooooooooooooooong line of alcoholics and told myself when I was a teen that the pattern would end with me.

I occasionally have a fruity martini, mostly because I like the pairing with a dessert or steak. I will have a sip of something my husband partakes in. Luckily I am allergic to sulfates, so it’s easy for me to turn away champagnes and wines. ;)

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I prefer wine and beer.

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No alcohol for me either. Besides what I mentioned in the pot question, my parents drank way too much. I’ll use the stuff in coking, but never for imbibing.

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Very rarely. I hardly drink at all, really. I’m much more of a smoker.

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For fellow jellies who don’t really like to drink a friend showed me how to make a cocktail of sorts a while ago that can be adapted :-)

My friend’s recipe:
take a glass, size: like a whiskey glass maybe, or a glass you’d use to pour fruit juice for a child. Fill to the very top with ice. fill just over half way with cranberry (or blueberry which is sweeter) juice, top the rest of the way up with white wine. Sip and enjoy.

It tastes really really nice, but as I said it can be adapted, by using far,far less wine and almost all fruit juice. Great thing is if you’ve made it yourself you can fob people off with telling them whats in it, how to make it etc and they’re none the wiser that yours has barely a drop of white wine and won’t bug you to “go on….. have a drink….. it’s a party” lol :-)

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@bunnygrl This is similar to what I “drink” when I go out. I ask the bartender to take ⅔rds white soda, add a splash of cranberry juice and top with a drizzling of OJ. It keeps people from offering to get/buy you a drink when at a party/occasion.

My grandma never drank. In her younger days, she was tired of telling people, “No Thank you”. My grandfather said “Sweetheart, just order one drink and carry it with you. No one will bother asking you again”. And that is what she’d do.

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@basstrom188 I was speaking of spirits. I was drinking my second beer when I asked this question. ;)

@bunnygrl I do something similar since I’m such a lightweight. I mix V8 Splash Berry Blend with a little Boones Farm Strawberry Hill. It’s not that bad!

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@jonsblond, reminds me of the good old days when I was a poor kid looking for a cheap drunk. MD 20/20 mixed with 7up. Those were the days.

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removed- I misunderstood what @bunnygrl was saying.

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Well, if you’re “coking” it’s no small wonder you have no need for imbibing ;)

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I used to drink hard liquor until it started affecting my stomach. I can go the rest of my life without it easily.

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Doh! Damn typos…

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I don’t drink shots of anything anymore- makes me throw up. I once got in a fight with tequila and goldschlager, and I lost miserably. When I drink, I prefer 1–2 glasses of wine or 1–2 beers (Shiner Bock), or I occasionally like cocktails and frozen drinks like Daquiris and Bellinis.

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Although I do enjoy Johnny Walker, Smirnoff and some few shooters, hard stuff isn’t my thing much. I’ve drank it on special occasions, and a while back I did an experiment by drinking Jack Daniels. For a few weeks I was having that, seeing which would last me longer, beer or stronger stuff.
While I actually did save money this way, the whiskey hurt my throat after a bit, plus if you’re not careful you get conked out so bad lol. Being drunk is being drunk, but with this experiment I discovered a lot about different intoxication levels based on how much you drink, how strong it is and how fast or slow you drink it. Hard liquor doesn’t accommodate my style. More of a distance runner, and I don’t think my resistance level can do that with hard stuff much. Plus it all mostly tastes like crap haha.
Reverted back to the beer, which I like way better than hard stuff, and it tastes much better anyways.
I know beer isn’t healthy and all, but for a heavy drinker like me, downing half a bottle of hard shit daily probably isn’t a good idea anyways.
So nah, I don’t drink it, unless I’m at a bar and someone is buying, or at some occasion and all. I got a bottle of wine for my birthday, and it’s still unopened. :/

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I don’t drink alcohol period.

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I don’t drink any sort of alcoholic beverages. They never interested me at all.

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Don’t drink, don’t do drugs and no….not even 420, smoke, don’t chew. I need to be sober and in control at all times and booze taste like bad cough medicine anyhow.

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I am with those who say they don’t drink.

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